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  • Height 168 cm
  • Weight 50 kg
  • Measurements 85-64-82
  • Cup Size 75D (Silicone)
  • Hair color Blonde
  • Schoe size 37
  • Drinks Water, Champagne (Ruinart Rose)
  • Perfume Coco Mademoiselle - Chanel
  • Music RnB, House
  • Smoking No
  • Tattoos Yes (2 small)
  • Piercings No
  • Clothing My wardrobe, marked by elegance and fashion consciousness, is a lovingly curated collection that expresses my style and personality. Each garment, carefully selected and appreciated, is a reflection of my aesthetic, a sign of my love for beauty and design.
  • Cuisine Italian cuisine has captured my heart with its incomparable balance of simplicity and flavor, where every dish is an ode to fresh, local ingredients and centuries-old traditions. The fascinating diversity from region to region, the warmth of homemade pasta and the subtle pleasures of a perfectly prepared risotto have enchanted my culinary senses and awakened a deep love within me.
  • Sport Jogging, playing tennis and squash form the dynamics of my sporting passions, they are an expression of my energy and ambition, coupled with a certain amount of competition and skill. Skiing adds a touch of adventure, brings me closer to nature and lets me experience the freedom and thrill of the snowy slopes.
  • Interests My physical interests are a powerful expression of my vitality; they allow me to challenge my body and strengthen my mind at the same time. In wellness I find an oasis of peace and regeneration, while my passion for art opens up a world of creativity and inspiration for me.
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    2 hours 1000,00 EUR
    3 hours 1300,00 EUR
    4 hours 1500,00 EUR
    6 hours 1700,00 EUR
    8 hours 2000,00 EUR
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2300,00 EUR
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2600,00 EUR
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3000,00 EUR
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4400,00 EUR
    Every additional day on request
    2 hours 1080,00 CHF
    3 hours 1400,00 CHF
    4 hours 1620,00 CHF
    6 hours 1840,00 CHF
    8 hours 2160,00 CHF
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2480,00 CHF
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2810,00 CHF
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3240,00 CHF
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4750,00 CHF
    Every additional day on request 0,00 CHF
    2 hours 1120,00 USD
    3 hours 1460,00 USD
    4 hours 1680,00 USD
    6 hours 1900,00 USD
    8 hours 2240,00 USD
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2580,00 USD
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2910,00 USD
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3360,00 USD
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4930,00 USD
    Every additional day on request 0,00 USD
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About Hailey

Stylish elegance, discretion and a sense of what is essentially important. Without many words to guess my counterpart and adjust to it. Creating warm intimacy with ease, having gentle conversations on another level that leave traces in the aftermath ... that's what I like to share in a beautiful togetherness, savor what connects us, create our private luxury full of magic. I have many dreams: lying in the bathtub, looking at the world delighted from above, feeling the heartbeat of a mysterious person, enjoying trust, bringing time to a standstill together. Am ready for so many things as long as you are part of my story. Am very open-minded, cosmopolitan, fun and full of anticipation of flirting, from the first meeting to the next. I am a woman who loves beauty and who embodies it.


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