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  • Height 175 cm
  • Weight 63 kg
  • Measurements 93-64-94
  • Cup Size 75C (Silicone)
  • Hair color Blonde
  • Schoe size 40
  • Drinks Still water, wine, champagne
  • Perfume Si - Armani
  • Music RnB, House, Chillout, Classic
  • Smoking No
  • Tattoos Yes (hip)
  • Piercings No
  • Clothing Every piece of clothing I choose, and wear is a subtle balance of femininity, elegance, and sexiness - a quiet but clear statement of my personality. They not only adorn me, but tell stories and reveal my desires and dreams.
  • Cuisine With a deep fondness for Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, I enjoy the spicy beauty of olive oil, fresh herbs, and sun-drenched tomatoes, a taste reminiscent of sunny days and light sea breezes. At the same time, Asian cuisine takes me on a journey of flavors, ranging from spicy spices and exotic fruits to hearty soups and delicate dumplings.
  • Sport I practice yoga and Pilates with passion and dedication, they bring balance and strength into my life. My workouts, dynamic and intense, provide a counterpoint in which I can explore and celebrate my own strength. And when I roam through nature on my bike or on foot, I find a deep connection to the earth and breathe in the peace of the world.
  • Interests I enjoy delving into the infinite expanses of literature, where I explore human nature and new perspectives on the pages. My enthusiasm for art broadens my horizons to embrace beauty in its many forms and expressions. In sports and health, I find a sense of strength and balance, and politics keeps me grounded in reality, awakens my interest in social change, and challenges my critical thinking skills.
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    2 hours 800,00 EUR
    3 hours 1100,00 EUR
    4 hours 1300,00 EUR
    6 hours 1500,00 EUR
    8 hours 1800,00 EUR
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2100,00 EUR
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2400,00 EUR
    1 Day (up to 24h) 2800,00 EUR
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4200,00 EUR
    Every additional day on request
    2 hours 860,00 CHF
    3 hours 1190,00 CHF
    4 hours 1400,00 CHF
    6 hours 1620,00 CHF
    8 hours 1940,00 CHF
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2270,00 CHF
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2590,00 CHF
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3020,00 CHF
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4540,00 CHF
    Every additional day on request 0,00 CHF
    2 hours 900,00 USD
    3 hours 1230,00 USD
    4 hours 1460,00 USD
    6 hours 1680,00 USD
    8 hours 2020,00 USD
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2350,00 USD
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2690,00 USD
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3140,00 USD
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4700,00 USD
    Every additional day on request 0,00 USD
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About Isabelle

I love life in all its facets - am curious, wild and passionate - tender and devoted. My nature is characterized by naturalness, authenticity, temperament, but also balance. Through my empathy, openness and disarming humor we will quickly create a relaxed level and perhaps quickly forget initial nervousness. In addition, I am an attentive and eloquent conversationalist and know how to adapt to any circumstance. I find it incredibly exciting and thrilling to spend a great time with a successful and inspiring man and to dive into a special, sensual, intense and passionate world through the adventure with you. Because time we take is time that gives us something. Full of anticipation for our first date....


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