13 Tips for a Fantastic Escort Date in Düsseldorf

Have you ever experienced something like this: You have a date and you want to make it something truly special for your lady. You are browsing the internet for possible sights and activities, but somehow you can not find the right thing. Maybe you are new in town or you are just visiting and now you do not know what to do while your time is running out. 

To avoid that something like this happens to you while you are planning your escort date in Düsseldorf, we have put together 13 wonderful tips for you that will make your escort date a fantastic experience without any obstacles – by day and also by night.

Read on and be inspired by our recommendations for going out with your escort lady.

Düsseldorf’s Old Town – Discovering Art, Culture and Culinary Delicacies with Your Escort Lady

If you want to explore Düsseldorf with your escort lady, there is plenty to discover. From historic residences and parks to magnificent shopping streets, quaint pubs and sun-soaked promenades. One place that even combines all this is Düsseldorf’s historic old town. As one of the city’s most beautiful districts, it combines the city’s culture with its history like no other, making it an ideal destination for you and your escort lady. 

Düsseldorf’s old town offers you and your escort lady the sight of beautiful buildings in time-honoured architecture. At the same time, it is the cultural centre of the city, so that you have the free choice between marveling at its architecture or enjoying concerts, art exhibitions or going to a cinema. 

Focusing on the culinary point of view, the old town offers richness and abundance, too. There are countless restaurants, snack bars and bars making it easy for you to invite your escort model to a cocktail, a delicious top-fermented dark beer or an exclusive dinner. But beware! Düsseldorf’s old town offers an enormous variety and it combines over 300 restaurants, bars and discos, which is why it is rightly called the longest bar in the world.

Stroll around through Düsseldorf’s old town with your escort lady and have a fantastic day – or night. Get more information at duesseldorfer-altstadt.com.

Königsallee – Luxury Shopping and Strolling at Its Best

What do you think of when you are thinking about your escort lady? Are you rather seeing her in exciting lingerie or in an elegant evening dress? Whatever you desire: All our escort ladies have an excellent wardrobe that leaves nothing to be desired. However, should you have a special requirement or even want to give your lady an attractive gift, then the Königsallee in Düsseldorf is the right destination for your escort date.

In the luxurious Königsallee, often referred to as the “Kö”, exquisite gastronomy and top-class brands create a truly all-encompassing shopping mile where you will find shops and boutiques from Chanel, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Prada and many more. 

The Kö is the perfect place if you want to give your lady an attractive gift. But even if you just want to stroll through the city while having a coffee with your escort lady, the Kö with its radiant ambience is the right place to be. 

Take a trip to Düsseldorf’s Königsallee with your escort lady. And get more information at koenigsallee-duesseldorf.de.

Rhine Promenade – Strolling around, Taking a Boat Trip and Much More

The Rhine Promenade is the part of the Rhine bank that is prepared for visitors, starting from Düsseldorf’s old town and going up to the harbour. Along with the Königsallee, it is one of the most beautiful promenades in Düsseldorf and, especially on sunny days, the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing cocktail with your escort lady. 

The Rhine promenade runs along a number of places inviting you to relax – including the so-called casemates, which we will come to in the next section. Furthermore, you can book a boat tour at the promenade. In addition with various events such as romantic fireworks, Japan Day or France Festival, the promenade becomes a place worth to visit throughout the year. Especially if you want to discover Düsseldorf with an escort lady. 

Get more information at duesseldorf-tourismus.de.

Casemates – a Warm Welcome Even in Winter

Does the word casemates mean anything to you? No? Well, according to Wikipedia, casemates are a strong masonry structure, that is supposed to protect against enemy fire while also allowing to fire back. And since the masonry of a certain area of Düsseldorf’s Rhine promenade is reminiscent of this, this area bears precisely its name – Casemates.

But instead of guns and firearms the Casemates in Düsseldorf offer a collection of benches, shady plane trees and various restaurants. Discover the warmth of Düsseldorf with your escort lady in an almost Mediterranean ambience while watching the waters of the Rhine float by. This also works out pretty well in winter, since the casemates allow you to sit in the warmth even at Winter’s low temperatures. So the casemates are an ideal spot, if you and your escort lady desire cozyness – while slipping closer together to heat yourselves up.

Discover the casemates of Düsseldorf with your escort model. And if you still do not know who your escort lady should be: Click here to go to our escort model index.

Media Harbour – If You and Your Date Are Passionate about Architecture

At the southern end of the Rhine promenade you can find Düsseldorf’s port facilities, which were built at the end of the 19th century. From the 1990s onwards, the harbour developed into a modern office district with a wide variety of companies. During this long-term process, the port’s 100-year-old warehouses, dock walls and shipyards have been largely preserved, so they could create a fantastic backdrop with modern buildings by Frank O. Gehry, David Chipperfield, Joe Coenen, Steven Holl and Claude Vasconi. 

Take a walk with your escort lady and marvel at the Media Harbour’s perfect architecture. And if you get hungry: There are plenty of restaurants among the 700 businesses situated there.

Rhine Tower – the Most Beautiful View in Düsseldorf

If you are already at Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour with your escort lady, then why don’t you take a walk to its east side? There you can find Düsseldorf’s tallest building: the Rhine Tower. The 240-metre-high communication tower was unveiled in 1981 and has a viewing platform and a revolving restaurant that gives you a breathtaking view over the city. On days with a clear sky you can look for miles, which will not only impress you but also your date – especially during a romantic sunset. 

Share the most beautiful view of the city with your escort date – with a trip to the Rhine Tower.

Theater an der Kö – Escort Deluxe and Acting Deluxe

What do you think: Who has given the famous theatre Theater an der Kö its name? That’s right! None other than Sir Peter Ustinov, who is also supposed to have said that he would never go to the Kö (Königsallee) together with his wife and his credit card. But on an escort date, financial matters should be secondary, which is why we will simply ignore the second part of this quote and return to the Theater an der Kö. According to Reiner Heinersdorff, the theatre director, this venerable theatre has experienced ups and downs. But he also said: it has almost always been fun. And fun is what an escort date should be all about. 

The Theater an der Kö is a boulevard theatre, located in the centre of Düsseldorf. It offers a wide range of plays, and together with renown German artists such as Martin Semmelrogge, Karsten Speck or Jochen Busse, you will surely experience a brilliant evening.

See what the Theater an der Kö has to offer and start planning your escort date now.

Rundgang: The Art Exhibition in Düsseldorf

You and your escort lady are interested in contemporary art? Then you should not miss out on the so-called Rundgang during your escort date. It is a multi-day art exhibition initiated by the Düsseldorf Art Academy, where enrolled students are showing their works of art. You can have a look at what the students are working on in their seminars and what their semester projects are. But the most interesting fact is, that you get to know later artists in an early creative phase of their work.

Discover astonishing new arts with your escort lady – on the Rundgang of Düsseldorf’s Art Academy.

Carnival in Düsseldorf – Getting Costumed with Your Escort Lady

Costumes, drinks and a lively atmosphere. Even though the temperatures in Rio are much higher than in Germany, that does not affect the festive mood with which the people of Düsseldorf celebrate their carnival season. From Women’ Shrovetide to Ash Wednesday the city transforms into a festive hullabaloo of colours and costumes, where everything seems to be possible. This makes Düsseldorf the perfect place to stay if you want to dress up with your escort lady while mingling with the locals. Grab yourself a cold and tasty dark beer, dance with your escort lady, and have fun – before you two start to show each other your real characters at night: undressed in one of the suites of Düsseldorf’s many 5-star hotels.

Celebrate carnival the way it should be celebrated – costumed in Düsseldorf and with an attractive woman by your side.

Sansibar by Breuninger Düsseldorf – a Perfect Dinner for Your Escort Date

If you are spending the whole day exploring Düsseldorf with your escort lady, both of you will naturally get very hungry. At this point of your date, Breuninger’s Sansibar will be the ideal place to go to. Located on the first floor of the Breuninger department stores’ in Düsseldorf’s Kö-Bogen, the Gault Millau award-winning restaurant is easily accessible from almost anywhere. And it offers fresh fish, classic island specialities such as Sylt oysters as well as salads, burgers, US-steaks and the famous Sansibar currywurst.

And if you and your escort model are wine lovers, you can also feast on a selection of over 350 wines – either while having a delicious meal or while relaxing in the Sansibar lounge or at the bar.

The ambience of the restaurant is complemented by its location close to the Kö-Bogen. The Sansibar offers a unique view to the Hofgarten (court garden) and the beautiful park next to the property. Combined with its outstanding service quality, you will get an incomparable restaurant experience – deep in the middle of Düsseldorf. 

Discover the Sansibar by Breuninger with your escort lady.

Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté Theatre – Theatre and Dinner in One

What do you think of when you are thinking about extravagant entertainment? A burlesque theatre performance including dinner? While an attractively dressed escort lady is sitting right next to you? Then you are at the right place when you are at the Apollo Varieté Theatre. Located directly at the Rhine banks, the theatre offers art, dance, music and comedy – combined with an exquisite dinner for you and your lady. 

The Apollo is the only theatre in Düsseldorf to offer the so-called Show & Dine experience, which includes a 3-course menu exquisitely tailored to the show. Enjoy some delicious starters with your escort lady, directly before the show, and sweeten your break with an exquisite main course – rounded off by the dessert following the show. Sounds good? So it is, because this way you can enjoy your dinner with your escort lady and be enchanted by the show at the same time. And as if that wasn’t enough, the dessert makes you going back to the hotel with a sweet taste on your lips. A little culinary reminiscence, that makes you and your lady want to do things in the hotel-room like the stars in the circus ring. So be acrobatic, theatrical or simply romantic – and spoil each other the best way possible. 

Discover the Apollo Varieté Theatre – the experience for a 100% first-class escort date in Düsseldorf.

Marketplace at the Carlsplatz – Feasting, Discovering and much more …

Marketplaces are great to stroll around. And the best thing about them: they offer a fantastic selection of fresh and regional delicacies. This makes a visit to a local market the ideal pastime when you want to get some fresh air with your escort model while stockpiling up on some delicacies for the hotel night. And the best place to do this is in Düsseldorf’s Carlsstadt.

Carlsstadt is a district of Düsseldorf that has the city’s oldest market at the so-called Carlsplatz. The vendors there have permanent stalls sheltered by a canopy and they offer a variety of different foods such as bratwurst, kebabs, soups, potato pancakes and crêpes. In addition, you can also find a diverse selection of fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, seafoods and other specialities. In other words: The market at the Carlsplatz offers everything you need if you want to brighten up your date with a few delicious treats. And the reason for this should be clear: Eating releases the same hormones as sex does. So this way you and your escort lady provide for an orgasm you will not forget. 

Get everything you need for a sweet and lovely escort date – at the marketplace at the Carlsplatz.

Rhine Boat Tour – Discovering Düsseldorf from the Water Side

A boat trip means fun and excitement, and in Düsseldorf there are various options for taking such a boat trip. For example, with the White Fleet or with KD. Most companies are offering appealing trips that give you and your escort lady a waterside view of Düsseldorf’s skyline. This is usually accompanied by refreshments, drinks and a commentary in German or English explaining the surroundings in detail. This way you can get to know the city while also admiring the sight of your escort lady in front of a beautiful metropolitan backdrop. 

Discover Düsseldorf from the waters – with an attractive boat tour.

13 Activities for an Escort Date in Düsseldorf – a Brief Summary

As you could see: Düsseldorf has a lot to offer for having an overwhelming escort date. To give you a final overview, we have put together all activities in a brief summary. So that nothing keeps you from having a fantastic escort date.

Leisure activities for a successful escort date in Düsseldorf:

  • Düsseldorf’s Old Town – Discovering Art, Culture and Culinary Delicacies with Your Escort Lady
  • Königsallee – Luxury Shopping and Strolling at Its Best
  • Rhine Promenade – Strolling around, Taking a Boat Trip and Much More
  • Casemates – a Warm Welcome Even in Winter
  • Media Harbour – If You and Your Date Are Passionate about Architecture
  • Rhine Tower – the Most Beautiful View in Düsseldorf
  • Theater an der Kö – Escort Deluxe and Acting Deluxe
  • Rundgang: The Art Exhibition in Düsseldorf
  • Carnival in Düsseldorf – Getting Costumed with Your Escort Lady
  • Sansibar by Breuninger Düsseldorf – a Perfect Dinner for Your Escort Date
  • Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté Theatre – Theatre and Dinner in One
  • Marketplace at the Carlsplatz – Feasting, Discovering and much more …
  • Rhine Boat Tour – Discovering Düsseldorf from the Water Side

We wish you and your escort lady a successful date in Düsseldorf. And if you do not know yet with whom you want to discover Düsseldorf: Click here to go to our model index.