Escort Date in Hamburg: 3 Tips for Having More Fun with Your Escort Lady

Having a date with an escort model in Hamburg is a truly brilliant experience. Why? Because there are not many cities in Germany that have such a vibrant nightlife like the metropolis at the Elbe. Just think of the Reeperbahn: an incredible melting pot made of clubs and bars making it easy to get closer to somebody. Especially if you already have an attractive lady at your side and only to need to focus on the right choice of locations. 

Discover our three tips for a stunning escort date in Hamburg now.

Escort Date in Hamburg Tip 1: A Dinner at the clouds

If you are planning to have an escort date in Hamburg, the best way to start is an exclusive dinner. Because while dining, you and your escort lady can get to know each other in a very genuine way: surrounded by delicious drinks, good food and friendly service.

One restaurant we highly recommend to you for your escort date in Hamburg is the clouds. Located 105 metres above the level of the Elbe River, this restaurant serves seasonal crossover cuisine paired with a spectacular view. This enables you and your escort lady to chat while eating in front of an attractive backdrop. And if you are at a loss for words for a few seconds, you can simply marvel at the wandering waters. 

Quick tip: After your dinner, you should go to Heaven’s Nest, the rooftop bar belonging to the clouds. From there you can admire Hamburg’s skyline, while you and your escort lady can get closer to each other on one of the cozy seats.

Discover Hamburg’s highest restaurant with your escort lady at the clouds.

Escort Date in Hamburg Tip 2: Dancing at The Room

After dinner and bar, we recommend exploring Hamburg’s nightlife with your escort date. Although you could also go straight to the suite, you should not miss the opportunity of a close dance. So hit the dance floor with your escort lady.

At The Room Hamburg you can continue with what has begun at the clouds: First-class drinks in a stylish ambience. The Room is perfect for getting closer to each other while listening to good music and was even included in the league of the World’s Finest Clubs in 2014. This makes it the ideal hot spot if you want to show your escort date the dancing side of yours. 

Quick tip: By reserving a table for yourself and your escort lady in advance, you will receive preferential admission. Upon reservation you will also be able to enjoy the VIP service of The Room. This gives you and your escort lady more time to concentrate on the essential thing: the mere fun of having an escort date in Hamburg. 

Experience an exuberant night with your escort lady – at The Room.

Escort Date in Hamburg Tip 3: A Night at The Westin 

After making The Room’s dancefloor a boiling hot spot of terrific dance moves, you and your escort lady might want to move to the hotel suite. Therefore, we have the right choice for you: The Westin

The Westin is located on top of the Elbphilharmonie and offers you and your escort lady an amazing view. The almost completely glazed facade also provides the perfect backdrop for plenty of erotic games. Imagine the sun setting behind the huge windows while an attractive woman is lying before you, fulfilling your every desire. Or think of the starry sky in summer or a magnificent snowstorm in winter. With its glass facade, The Westin is the perfect hotel for any season. Especially in combination with an erotic escort date in Hamburg.

Quick tip: The Westin also offers a spa area and a restaurant. So, you do not even have to leave the hotel for dinner in case you want to add another night. 

3 Tips for an Escort Date in Hamburg: Summary

Since we want you to have all the date tips for your escort date in Hamburg quickly at hand, we have summarized them for you:

  1. A Dinner at the Clouds
  2. Dancing at The Room
  3. A Night at The Westin 

With these three tips, your escort date in Hamburg should be a resounding success, which makes the right escort lady the only thing that is missing. Click here and choose your model for your escort date in Hamburg