Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a call girl, an exclusive call girl and an escort model? If so, and if you are still not knowing the answer, then you have come to the right place here at Escort Deluxe. In this article we will explain you the fine differences between a call girl and an escort lady from Escort-Deluxe.net. Afterwards, you are kindly invited to make your own choice.

Callgirls and Escort Models – The Difference begins in the Milieu

It is often told that escort services are a better form of prostitution. But this is far from the case. An escort model working for an exclusive escort agency is something truly different. But before we get to the details, let us start at the point at which the distinction between a call girl and an escort lady has its origin: in the milieu.

The reputation of a call girl is usually strictly connected to the red-light milieu: cheap back rooms, dodgy boudoirs, pimps and sexual intercourse mostly referred to as something even faster than a quickie. But with an escort service, there is no such thing like a quickie. If you as a client book an escort model from an exclusive escort service, then you are usually entering something more intense, something desirable: a relationship with an exclusive model, that is going far beyond the common standards.

When you meet with an escort model, you want to be indulged. You want to spend a wonderful time with an amazing woman. Maybe you want to have an exclusive dinner with her, or you want to go to a theatre, at which both enjoy a ballet or a concert. Maybe you are even wanting to take your escort model to a foreign city or to a remote beach to enjoy each other’s company. Whatever you are wishing for: with an escort model all this is possible. Even an appearance in public, and that, depending on the booking, even for more than just a couple of days. Even weeks are possibly with your pretty woman. So we are definitely not talking about a quickie when we talk about spending time with an escort model.

Callgirls and Escort Models – Who Do you Call?

Sure, escort models and call girls have a lot in common. Both react in a certain way on demand. With a call girl this is usually a very spontaneous affair, coming out of a spontaneous mood. As a customer you are calling her, and a few hours later you get your visit. With an escort model, however, you will experience a more exclusive and elegant approach: Since escort models are working in their daily businesses, they are not available all the time. You have to make an appointment, with some of the models even weeks in advance. But just ask yourself: What speaks more for sophisticated sparkling entertainment? The fact that someone is about to fly to you, immediately? Or the fact, that an escort model is so much in demand that you have to be a little patient?

Exactly. Never forget the arousing element of anticipation. So once again: Your time with an escort model is more than just a few miles away from a quickie.

The More Subtle Differences between Call Girls and Escort Models

Besides the scheduling and the milieu, there are other differences between a call girl and an escort model. Especially when it comes to public appearances and events. Imagine that you are invited to the birthday party of a company, or to an important annual celebration, or an exhibition – whatever comes to your mind. And you do not have a suitable partner. Sounds not like the most terrific evening, does it? So now imagine that you are showing up there with a beautiful woman. A woman who dazzles the other guests not only with her appearance, but also with her way of communicating, her intellect and her charm. Additionally, you feel some intimate kind of connection to this beauty, a mutual attraction. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

With an escort model, all this is possible. Escort models of escort agencies like Escort-Deluxe.net are all firmly rooted in their own professional lifes. They are self-employed, they have their businesses, they pursue their goals, they work, study, do sports, engage in art, culture and are they socially committed. Hence, escort models are not simple playmates of lust. They are conversational partners, companions and muses at the same time – and they are stunningly attractive. Often with a lot of humour and individual charm.

Top Call Girls, Exclusive Call Girls, Escort Models – The Who is Who

You have learned a lot now about call girls and escort models. You know that there are differences, but you do also know, that there are a few similarities. And yes, the boundaries between a call girl and an escort model are fluid from a certain point on. That is why you often find many different terms while surfing on the world wide web. Top Callgirls for example, or Exclusive Callgirls. These are call girls who offer certain additional services and who can spoil you in a certain special way. Often you can even find real escort models among them. Nevertheless, sometimes the words Top Callgirls and Exclusive Callgirls are also just terms giving a dubious milieu a nicer touch. Therefore, do not rely on empty phrases for your next escort. At Escort-Deluxe.net you do not only get beautiful women and gorgeous companions; you also get years of experience from our agency – everything that is needed to give you as a customer an experience you will surely never forget …