We all know about „the way to her/his heart is through her/his stomach“, it shows us the very strong connection between food and „erotic“ feelings.
Tasty food or being in love, releases the same hormones in our bodies and turns us into a happy mood.
It’s also known that some spices have aphrodisiac effect! Try it out!

The chemistry of food is one step of many on the way to erotic adventures.
No one likes to eat alone and here it starts, sharing food is one of the oldest acts to show friendship and trust.
Food has many functions, feeding, bringing people together, socializing, ice breaker….
Nowadays food is lifestyle! We love the atmosphere in the restaurants and if possible we like to watch the cook preparing our meal.
Exciting new dinner concepts and restaurants with shows or street food festivals, lets us crave for more.
It’s not just grabbing food anymore, it’s identification, it’s an event for our body and soul and again its LIFESTYLE!
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Global list of culinary delight:

Düsseldorf  https://meerbar.de/en/home/
Cologne https://oxundklee.de/en
Frankfurt  https://www.mook-group.de/zenzakan/
Stuttgart  https://www.5.fo/
Munich https://www.tantris.de/en/
Berlin  https://restaurant-horvath.de/en
Hamburg https://thetable-hamburg.de/

Dubai  https://zumarestaurant.com/locations/dubai/

Istanbul  https://www.nusr-et.com.tr/en/

Tel Aviv http://www.kitchen-market.co.il/

Milan https://www.armanihotelmilano.com/en/dine
Rome https://romecavalieri.com/la-pergola/
Naples  https://www.romeohotel.it/en/naples/restaurants-and-bar/il-comandante-restaurant.html

Vienna  https://www.sacher.com/de/restaurants/restaurant-rote-bar/

Zurich https://www.bauraulac.ch/en/baurs.html

Brussels https://www.commechezsoi.be/?lang=en
Antwerp https://www.thejaneantwerp.com/

Amsterdam https://www.desilverenspiegel.com/

London https://www.theledbury.com/

Paris https://www.oetkercollection.com/hotels/le-bristol-paris/restaurants-bar/restaurants/epicure/
Nizza http://www.restaurantjan.com/

Monaco https://www.montecarlosbm.com/de/bar-nachtclub-monaco/buddha-bar-monte-carlo

Barcelona https://www.acces-bcn.com/
Madrid https://diverxo.com/en/

Abu Dhabi https://abudhabi.intercontinental.com/chamas-churrascaria-and-bar

Mykonos  https://www.buddhabar.com/en/beachclubs/buddha-bar-beach-mykonos/

Stockholm https://www.grandhotel.se/en/food-beverage/the-veranda

New York https://www.le-bernardin.com/
Miami http://www.ceviche105.com/site/
Chicago https://girlandthegoat.com/
Los Angeles https://www.thebazaar.com/beverly-hills/

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Dinner in the dark

The experience of dining in the dark is amazing, you are carried away by culinary experience and your sense will be fully awaken.
Flavors, aromas and textures… our attention is focused on smelling, touching, tasting and hearing.
A new stimulation and emotional experience, everything becomes more intense!
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Diner en Blanc and other social dining like street food festivals.

Diner en blanc, most classy picnic where people dressed in white and sit together for dinner in a public place.
Guests have to bring white chairs, table, white tablecloth, picnic basket (with food, wine …).
At the end every guest has to pack up and clear away the leftovers.
Don’t miss this event, it has to be on your bucket list!
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New Orleans Wine & Food Experience

Called the Big Easy is known for its amazing food, drinks, music and breathtaking atmosphere.
Thousands of people all over the world are visiting Louisiana in spring for it’s festival.
Parades on Royal Street, dining in the French Quarter….

Food Zurich

The newcomer! It is worth a trip to Switzerland!
Culinary richness, from street food to fine food all over Zurich, in museums, other countryside locations and top restaurants of Zurich!


In the birthplace of the beloved Pizza, Naples Italy!
The promenade of Naples turns yearly into a paradise for Pizza lovers!
Pizza, live concerts, cooking classes….

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