Our escort model Vanessa told the online magazine jetzt.de of the Süddeutsche Zeitung what it is like for her to work as an escort lady, how she combines her everyday life with the job and about her income as an escort model.

The income as an escort is very different

Of course, the everyday lifes of our escort models are very individually. Each lady decides for herself how she combines her job as an escort model with her “ordinary” job (which is a requirement for working in our agency) and also with her private life. The earnings as an escort are correspondingly different. What exactly an escort lady earns depends on how intensively she does her job as an escort.

At Escort Deluxe there are also three different fee classes, to which the models are assigned depending on their experience and feedback. Factors such as flexibility or service also play a role here. Such things are usually discussed in detail during the model’s application. In the third fee class, for example, two hours are paid 1,000 euros. But it also happens regularly that our ladies are booked for one or more days. An entire day costs 3,000 euros in the same fee class.

What does an escort lady earn?

The exact salary or income of an escort lady results from the time that she invests in her work and the fee that she receives for it. Vanessa tells in the interview, for example, that in addition to her job in a fashion store, she also earns around 6,000 euros a month through escort services. For this, she works as an escort model for about 10 hours per month. Some models from our agency have more dates than Vanessa, others less. The exact number depends on the number of bookings the model gets and also on how many of these bookings the model wants to accept.

What do you earn as an escort? – The interview on jetzt.de

Read here what Vanessa has to say about her escort earnings and the combination of work, private life and escort service. Although this is very individual for each lady, the interview gives a good orientation, especially for newcomers to escort. Read the interview here.

The interview was arranged by the agency management and is part of our campaign, in which we give customers and models a realistic look behind the scenes. We recently reported in our magazine, for example, in detail about the entry into the industry, or the application as an escort lady. Another example is the new “Secret Diary” column, in which one of our models regularly writes about personal experience in her job.