Who never felt sick of those affaires and romances that starts pushing you and makes you feel like you’re in another relationship with more responsibilities and less wild dirty sex that you wish for.

We are glad you’re back to our elite Escort Agency Magazine!
Let’s talk about the pros and cons of an escort and of a romance/affair.
Romances or affaires are tricky, it always ends the same way.
One side wants more than his partner and here it starts to get complicated and the affaire is not what it should be, it turns into hard work, feeling observed, controlled, maybe stalked, you get pushed in directions you never saw yourself, more responsibility, more fights, investment of more time, financial aspects…..
You can’t leave anymore and you can’t just leave her, because she is to clingy.
Daily calls, messages and cross-examine….who needs this?

Enjoy the luxury and comfort of taking advantage of an elite escort agency.
Choose a lady that thrills you and enjoy the luxury of being free, living your wild and dirty life without taking care of your romance and affaire.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a business trip, holidays or just for the day..
Your high class escort agency is going to change your mood from boring and annoyed to breathtaking and wild. Don’t forget we have a world outside your daily routine!

The exclusive escort lady can be your girlfriend, your romance…or whatever you wish for and the best thing about it, it’ temporary!  

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