Everyone who ever visited a trade faire doesn’t know about about the rush, pressure, anxiety, tension…the exhibitors are facing daily (this applies also to doctors, nurses and all kind of workers).
Everybody wants to be successful and gain new business contacts to fix „the big deal“.
It’s all about deals, deals and deals, the jungle of business is driving people crazy.
All these factors makes them weak, unproductive, they make more mistakes and it causes mental and physical health problems.
How much negative stress can a human being tolerate?
It depends on her/his natural given tolerance called resilience.
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Having sex regularly has positiv effects called „eustress“ on body and soul it helps to compensate the negative stress which is called „distress“ caused by work for example.
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A list of the next important international trade fair

Expo 2020 20th October 20 until 3rd April 2021, UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Gamescom 25th – 29th August 2020, Cologne Germany

North American International Auto Show Canceled due COVID-19 Pandemic, Detroit USA

IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 24th – 30th September 2020, Hannover Germany

ProWein Düsseldorf  

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