What is Striptease?

Burlesque act in which a performer (male/female) removes clothing piece by piece! Usually to musical accompaniment.

Close your eyes and imagine meeting your dream girl, maybe one of our high class escort ladies, in the lobby of any hotel, somewhere nowhere.
The first thing you think about is how she is looking under her clothes covering her beautiful skin.
After a little icebreaking small talk you invite her to your room.
Let the sexy games begin…
Sitting relaxed in your armchair, watching her dancing…her erotic moves casts a spell over you.
Her sexy curves her seductive glance…
She undresses herself to the sounds of
Joe Cocker (You can leave your hat on)
Christina Aguilera (Lady Marmelade)
Genuine (Pony)…whatever you up to!
You can’t take your eyes of her, enjoy the moment with our high class escort ladies.

Wake up! Enough of dreaming!
Take your shot and feel free to contact our international high class escort agency.
Thousands of years ago „Striptease“ was already established! In the ancient men enjoyed already erotic dancing ladies!

It’s the perfect opener for a wild sex life!
Maybe combined with a roleplay?
Everything is possible and up to your desires!  

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