Girlfriend Escort – Experience Intensive Togetherness with Your Escort Service

A romantic dinner for two, maybe an evening at the cinema and then a cozy hour together on the couch with a glass of wine. You and the attractive woman next to you laugh a lot, you kiss each other and then you take her into your arms. Finally, the mutual attraction overwhelms you both and you go to bed together – where you spend the whole night. Sounds good, doesn’t it? And sounds a lot like a relationship. But it is not. Because it is a girlfriend escort – the visit of an escort lady who slips into a very special role for you. For the feeling of the most intensive togetherness.

Girlfriend Escort – What Is That?

A girlfriend escort is a kind of erotic role play in which you and your escort lady do not only go out to have dinner together, attend a gala or pamper each other on a suite, but in which both of you immerse in the common idea of a romantic relationship. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But it is not. Because this form of role play has many advantages, especially in the field of escort services. It enables you and your escort lady to achieve a previously undreamed of intimacy. You are lying cuddled up on the couch, caressing each other, laughing – things you would never have thought of before when you thought of an escort lady’s visit, right?

But that is not all. Because another appreciable aspect of a girlfriend escort is that you and your escort lady can truly enjoy the beautiful things. You can spoil each other, laugh together, watch a film, listen to music, dance, whatever – the negative side aspects of a relationship remain outside the door. And never come out in the first place. Because the girlfriend escort experience is an oasis of trust and well-being at the same time. There is care and attention, a constant giving and taking. A place of retreat where you and your escort lady can come to whenever and wherever you both want to have a really good time.

Girlfriend Escort – Everything That Goes with It

The boundaries of a girlfriend escort are fluent and usually cannot be strictly drawn. On the one hand, every person has a different idea of a relationship and on the other hand, every person has a different idea of intimacy. For example, some people have the need to go out for dinner every evening of a relationship, or they want to spoil their partner or they want to travel with them to discover foreign countries. Others simply want to lie on the living room’s floor with a beautiful woman while cuddling and watching a film. And still others feel the need for hours of intimate sex. But no matter what it is that you want: The most important thing is that you and your escort lady can team up. At dinner, at the cinema, in the theatre, on trips, on the beach, on the couch – simply everywhere.

Girlfriend Escorts at – Your High Class Love Relationship

We at offer you girlfriend escort experiences of the absolute upper class – with a woman you have chosen by yourself or whom we recommend to you based on your preferences. For an unprecedented form of erotic intimacy.

Our escort ladies are more than attractive playmates for a short, emotionless intermezzo. They are independent women – from young students to experienced entrepreneurs. And they all have the desire for that certain something whether it be eroticism, romance or emotionally intense togetherness. And sometimes even: threesomeness.

For example, Geraldine, our escort lady from Frankfurt am Main. Open-minded and slightly crazy, she loves fast driving, no matter what the vehicle. She listens to rock or pompous classical music. She likes to go to musicals, ballet or concerts and is just as enthusiastic about a feminine shopping tour on the Kö. A woman that is open up for anything – in every respect.

Or how do you like Alexa? A woman who’s seemingly shy at first, but who then opens up more and more – for a slowly increasing intimate experience in twos. As a devotee to the “old school” Alexa likes it when the man opens the door, invites her to dinner and spoils her. In return, she appreciates it when a man finds her presence desirable, which is why passion is anything but a one-way street for her.

Whatever you want for your girlfriend escort experience: We at can make your dream come true – easily, uncomplicated and with competent experience. For more than ten years now we have been enabling our customers and our escort ladies to have truly romantic experiences – for butterflies in the stomach. On both sides.

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