High-Class Escort, VIP Escort and Exclusive Escort – How You Recognise a Good Escort Service

Exclusive, first-class, elegant, high-class and many more – many escort agencies adorn themselves with such ambitious adjectives. But as the old saying goes: All that glitters is not gold. To help you avoiding these dodgy escort-traps, we at Escort-Deluxe have put together a few tips in this magazine article. They will help you to separate the wheat from the chaff so that you will be able to recognise at first glance what kind of escort agency hides behind these advertising adjectives – and which agency is so exclusive and high-class that you should definitely plan your escort date with them.

From Sparkling Wine to Champagne – Escort Service Marketing

There is hardly a hotel whose three-star rooms do not promise luxurious comfort and hardly a furniture store that does not want to sell you its Chinese furniture as elegantly styled designer goods. Yes, advertising has recognised the power of words decades ago. And so customers are actually sold cheap goods and items at a completely overpriced price – under the guise of luxury, exclusivity, lifestyle and many more. 

This manner has also found its way into the escort branch – which is very sad, above all, when you are stepping into contact with an escort service for the first time. Be it your first erotic adventure for two, a fiery ménage-à-trois in a luxury hotel room or a simple striptease: nothing spoils the fun of a newly discovered passion more than having the feeling of being betrayed right from the beginning. And when focusing on the multitude of shady characters in the escort sector, you will recognize that this is truly one thing that can happen.

But how do you avoid an erotic fraud? How do you find out in advance whether the chosen escort model really meets your demands and how do you distinguish a good escort service from a bad one? Read on now and find out more.

Dating a real High-Class Escort Model – What you have to look out for

The same way as manufacturing industries and every other service, escort agencies make use of high-sounding adjectives and marketing claims to advertise their services. By doing so, a normal escort agency quickly becomes an exclusive and luxury one while an ordinary escort lady rises up to become a high-class VIP model. 

These empty advertising promises unfortunately only reveal themselves to the unknowing client when it is already too late: when you are sitting at the bar with your date while noticing that your escort model is not interested in you at all. Or when you have just paid 1200 euros for exclusive erotic entertainment including a tingling candlelight dinner with intense talks and the model besides you does not even speak your language. 

So, to keep you from falling into the trap of erotic advertising, here a few tips from us: 

1.High Class Escort also means High Class Escort

Sure: high-class is an adjective like any other. And as such, it is not a standardised term or even a trust-element you can simply rely on. On the other hand, high-class as a word means exactly what it says: high-class. Absolutely top notch. An escort service that advertises itself as high-class should therefore also appear like this when you are showing interest: From unearthly good service in the language of your choice to stunningly attractive ladies who are eloquent, experienced, and who always give you the feeling of being the centre of attention. 

Of course, there are other similar terms besides high-class escort, such as VIP escort or luxury escort. So, the following also applies to these possible empty words: Only book when you are sure that you are really getting the promised services. For instance, you can recognise real luxury service, when the escort service’s employees can tell you your wishes by the blink of an eye, when they answer your questions in a targeted manner, when they do not try to distract you, and when they respond to your needs at any time. The same applies to the term VIP escort: If you are not treated like a VIP and there is no round-the-clock service in your language, then you should better keep your hands off this escort agency.

2.Real High Quality Escort Service Is a Passion – Not a Profession

For Escort-Deluxe, an important aspect of upscale escort service quality is that escort ladies should carry out their escort activities alongside an actual main job. Why? Quite simple: Because this is the only way to ensure that the ladies pursue the escort experience out of passion and not exclusively because of financial needs. 

The adventure offered by an escort service should be a passion for all the people involved. And this is especially true for the escort ladies. A professional escort lady should enjoy pampering you as a client so much that she is happy to pursue this passion even after her daily work is done. Because only then it is guaranteed that you as a customer get what you desire and what you have paid for.  

At Escort-Deluxe we conduct an appropriate casting for every new escort model. Through subsequent regular support and accompaniment of our ladies, we evaluate again and again whether the model continues to meet our high standards for an escort lady. In this way, we are able to guarantee you as a customer the highest level of escort passion – in the most attractive way you can imagine.

Read on and find out what other services an escort agency should be offering you besides unbridled passion.

3.A Good Escort Service Should Offer You All-Round Service – All Around the Clock

A first-class escort agency, be it high-class, VIP, exclusive or whatever, will spare no effort to provide you with a truly exclusive service package. They will do everything to ensure that your escort experience is a complete success. They will give you tips that will guarantee a pleasant escort date and they will also give you general tips for going out to locations, nearby restaurants or hotels. This service should start right from the beginning – with the first phone call – and it should only end when you are leaving town happily and satisfied after your escort adventure.

4.You Should Receive Important Facts about Your Escort Lady – with Full Discretion 

This is a particularly important point: Good escort agencies maintain the discretion of their escort ladies, e.g., by covering and masking their faces within the photo gallery. At the same time, however, the escort service should reveal enough information to make your choice easy right from the beginning. 

Important features that should be publicly available to you in the model sedcard are: 

  • Outward appearance (height, weight etc.)
  • Individual character traits (sporty, elegant, charming, humorous, eloquent, etc.)
  • Profession (engineer, student, doctor, office clerk, etc.) 
  • Hobbies (sailing, swimming, running, BDSM, travelling, etc.)
  • Languages (English, German, Russian, Spanish, etc.)

The characteristics provided by the model sedcard should guide you while choosing your escort lady. Then, when you are contacting the escort service of your choice, the escort agency should provide you with further information – for example about sexual preferences, inclinations and other topics. A good escort service will also ask you about your preferences and wants to know how you imagine the date with your model would be, and also: what kind of woman you desire.

So, are you curious what a model sedcard should look like? Take a look at our models. You will find everything your heart desires in our model index.

5.Real High-Class Escort Ladies Are Working Exclusively for Just One Agency

Another important point that you should not ignore when planning your escort adventure is the exclusivity of your escort model: The escort models who are employed by an escort agency should only be found at this escort agency. Only this way you can be sure that there is a reliable and stable relationship of trust between the model and the agency that is able to expand to a relationship with you as a client. 

If, on the other hand, you discover a model you like, but who seems to be working for several agencies at the same time: Hands off. Because otherwise you will burn yourself faster than you like. In the best case, you might just end up sitting alone at a restaurant table. But in the worst case, you have such a miserable evening that it takes away any desire for further escort adventures forever. And that would be bad. Because then you would miss out on one of the most exclusive and attractive opportunities to fulfil your erotic dreams: a night with a terrific and caring escort lady of your choice.

6.A Good Escort Services Provides You with Several Contact Options

As you have already learned: a first-class escort service is characterised by its first-class service. And this undoubtedly includes continuous accessibility via all common communication channels:

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Contact form
  • Etc.

If an escort service refuses to give you an emergency telephone number, go away. The same applies to language barriers, rudeness and long waiting times for replies.

7.Transparent Processes and Known Contacts

Discretion is one reason why we at Escort-Deluxe have so many regular clients – discretion combined with accessibility. A good High-Class-VIP-Exclusive-Super-Duper-Escort-Agency should always offer enough references to discretion and data protection. A detailed imprint and designated contact persons should complete the whole thing. The same applies to forms of payment and the corresponding payment modalities. Everything should be neatly listed so that you can always check again if necessary. 

8.Our Last Tip: Sleep over It

Of course, we can only help you to a limited extent when it comes to your decision regarding your escort service. We can give you a few tips that we have collected in our long career and spice them up with a little knowledge. But in the end, however, you have to decide by yourself. And especially when it comes to this last step on the path to eroticism, some people tend to neglect important things. You are seeing this beautiful woman on the sedcard who seems to have the same interests as you do, and suddenly you are already filling out the contact form without having looked more closely at the escort service beforehand. 

Therefore, our last tip: Sleep over it. And on the next day, calmly do some research while keeping our tips in mind. Afterwards, when you finished your research and you still want to have a date with that model: Go ahead and enjoy your escort experience. But if you are skeptical, we recommend that you start looking for another escort service. For example: Escort-Deluxe – the escort service that has been standing for exclusive escort experiences for more than ten years now. Without having to shout out its exclusiveness.

Discover our escort models here or learn more about our escort agency.