It was unusually hot in New York City. I played nervously with the straw inside my icecold lemonade and smoothed out the fabric of my pencil skirt. „Um… How did you mean that?” I asked and looked into the eyes of my boss, who was sitting in front of me. We went out for lunch and he had just told me how boring his single is and offered me to spend the
weekend with him in the Hamptons. I only knew something like that from films, I was extremely excited and my heart was beating restlessly against my chest. After a few sentences, I knew that he was serious. He wanted to spend time with me, also erotically, and return the favor with some amenities. Since I had a happy relationship at this point, I thankfully declined. Still, I couldn’t stop it rattling in my head. So they actually do exist, the beautiful lovers of the better-heeled men who are carried on their hands by those. Not only they do exist, I am among them.

As if on command, the gate to the small rooftop café at Bryant Park opened. A young lady, estimated in her mid-20s, on high heels and in a breathtaking summer dress appeared on the scene. Her dark, slightly wavy hair fell over her shoulders like a silk fabric. With a firm step and a determined look, she headed for one of the romantic garden tables. My eyes followed her. At the table sat an elegant business man in a suit, immersed in an issue of the
New York Times, who had previously looked up from time to time. When she reached him, he smiled and stood up to kiss both cheeks in greeting and to adjust her chair. Something deep inside of me told me that the two have never met before. Her open, resounding laugh, whom he probably told something amusing, the way she brushed her hair back and he took
her two hands, made them look like a familiar couple less than ten minutes later. A short time later, he reached the New York Times over to her without making a big gesture, which she then discreetly slipped into her bag.
Well, I am aware that my observation could have been an encounter of any kind, but yet it remained in my memory.

Even a year after the successful completion of the internship abroad, single and carefree, I had not forgotten my experience. My online research started with a glass of good white wine on my right, my laptop on my left. And indeed: escort service agencies are almost like sand by the sea, alone in my hometown! In the most beautiful dresses, most expensive high heels and sinful lingerie, the women posed in front of the camera. One agency stood out in all things: Escort Deluxe. The name alone leaves no doubt: I was spot on. I particularly like the natural and aesthetic photos of the ladies. All content seemed exquisite and carefully selected. I chose the “casting” menu item and studied the requirements for an escort model. I instinctively ticked the box when I got a point. According to the facts, I shouldn’t be wrong, but I felt a little intimidated by the extremely attractive models. Am I not overestimating myself ? I found the application form on their homepage that only has to be filled with your own data and images. In addition to the common ones, such as “name”, “date of birth” and “place of residence”, questions were also asked about “measurements”, “weight” and “bra size”. I became more and more uncertain about my project, when it now seemed so close. In the last point, a short self-description was written in your own words. I can still remember exactly what my words were: “I am a 21-year-old law student who would like to try something new with an escort. I am open-minded, friendly, eloquent and well-educated. In my free time I like to read, play the piano and do lots of sports. I have been interested in the industry for a long time and am very interested in becoming one of your escort ladies. I would be very happy to receive positive feedback from you.” Today, most likely, I wouldn’t have written it any other way. I often express myself soberly before I know who I am dealing with. Well, I finally took heart and clicked „Send”.

A short time later I received an email. My application was noticed positively! I was invited a phone call. So now it was getting serious. I have to say that I was pretty happy to get in touch with Anna by phone primarily. If I had received an appointment to get to know each other directly, I would probably have backed off. I waited excitedly for the incoming call. Then my cell phone rang. I was immediately taken with Anna’s sympathetic voice and felt right comfortable. At the end of the conversation, an appointment for the interview was also made.

At this point I would like to talk about Escort Deluxe. I’m really lucky to have found this agency directly and I couldn’t ask for a better one. As an absolute newcomer, all my questions were answered patiently and any uncertainties have been removed. I am grateful for all the calls, tips and advice of any kind. No matter how late I left the date, I can always rely on an open ear at the other end. I really appreciate the collaboration and have never regretted taking this step.