A hot seduction in the office 

An experience that stuck in my memory was more spontaneous and unexpected than ever. The request reached me at my workplace. I glanced at my cell phone and read the lines. The question was whether I would have time tonight, location and brief key dates followed. My evening planning was actually not designed like that and so I could hardly wait for the end of the day. Inquiries while I was sitting in the office are particularly exciting – I am extremely excited that I have my dirty little secret in my otherwise so staid environment. But it irritated me that no hotel was named. I only received an address. I figured it was probably a house call. Such inquiries are quite rare and also far more risky than a restaurant or hotel visit, but the agency’s client was well known and there have never been any complications. It would take me three hours to get to the agreed location and since it was quite late in the evening and I wanted to be flexible, I rented a car. So I could go shopping on the way. I bought a beautiful, tailored dress, which silky flattered my body. I kept it on right away. 

The destination was in the middle of the village. Luckily not an abandoned forest hut (you always start from the worst). The building was a classic, inconspicuous office complex. I studied the many doorbell signs and indeed: the name I was given belonged to a plant consultant’s office. I’ve never visited someone erotically in the office and so I was really excited. Reluctantly, I rang the bell and a short time later walked up the stairs to stop in front of the only door that was a little bit open. Unsure whether I should push it, I waited a short moment. Then it swung open completely and an attractive gentleman and an abandoned, very modern office revealed themselves to me. He let me in. We only talked briefly, some small talk. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but I was ready for almost anything. He likes my outfit very much. I should go up and down the office, pretending to be there all alone and slowly undressing. Nothing easier than that, I thought to myself. It was different and I liked that very much. In addition, the anticipation during the long working day and the drive had driven my excitement immeasurably. I had an irrepressible desire for this strange, attractive man who was looking at me so full of desire in this strange, stylish office. 

I’ve never done a striptease without music. It wasn’t necessary either. I stepped through the premises on my classically elegant high heels and slowly peeled myself off my dress. Underneath I wore one of my favorite Agent Provocateur brand sets and light-colored suspenders. I kept moving, looking around a bit. Through a small crack in the opposite door I heard a furtive face, brief evaluations. A voyoeur. So one after the other clothes fell to the floor until I stood there as God created me. But even now he made no move to come closer to me, to touch me. I should continue. Until the very end. 

All right then. I went – naked as I was – to a large wing chair and sat with my legs apart. I slowly reached into my handbag, which was full of toys, and pulled out a nicely shaped glass dildo. I started to do it myself, was right in the moment and for a moment actually forgot that someone was watching me. I increased the pace, gasped. The excitement in his eyes only turned me on even more. I knew exactly what he was doing behind the crack in the door, although I couldn’t see it. He couldn’t touch me and I couldn’t touch him and yet I felt a connection. When he came he groaned – the only sound I heard from him during the whole thing. Loud, penetrating, relieved. We dressed and in silence. He thanked me for the nice evening. I was irritated. Is that supposed to be it now? Was he not satisfied after all? But he was serious, I had met his expectations, that was what he would have liked. And so we parted ways. He, disappearing quickly into the darkness, and I, still trembling slightly with excitement, staggering towards the car.