Yet, I had crossed the first barriers. In our conversation, Anna explained to me that I first had the opportunity to date some well-known men so that I could also decide whether this job was really the right thing for me. Only after positive feedback should my profile go online on the website for everyone to see. I was very relieved that I was able to approach the
matter very consciously and at my own pace and was not thrown directly into the cold water.

I can still clearly remember the moment when Anna sent me the confirmation regarding my first date. At this time, I was on vacation in sunny Portugal, not sipping a cocktail on an air mattress in the Mediterranean, but in a rather hectic situation at the airport. The news
immediately made me forget everything around me and my heart sank, although so much time would still pass! I was excited, at the same time full of expectation and would have loved to get back on the plane to finally experience my very first escort date.

With the confirmation I received an email with all the information I needed for my upcoming date. The client was young, calm and empathetic, and was also extremely positive
with other women in the past. The hotel name didn’t say anything to me, but I wasn’t surprised at all, since I can’t remember ever being in a hotel in my area (for what reason?;)). A concrete idea regarding my outfit was also included. Although I knew that I would surely find something suitable in the depths of my well-stocked wardrobe, I browsed the relevant online
shops directly. Everything had to be perfect on my first date! Everything should be carefully selected …

Finally the time had come: kissed by the portuguese sun and with growing anticipation I returned to beautiful Düsseldorf. The big moment should have come the next day. In the
meantime, I had already made a few phone calls to Anna, in which I could ask her my increasingly specific questions. Now that the first meeting was just around the corner, I had the most trivial questions in my head: Should I be a customer or a customer? What do I answer if he asks me what I want to drink? But Anna answered every single question patiently
and also sharpened the important safety rules that had to be observed at all times. Immediately after the phone calls I felt safe again, but doubts arose in individual moments.

I went to bed particularly early, although sleep was not really an issue: I rolled restlessly in bed. What if I didn’t like him? And what if someone “unmasked” me? I had planned the next day completely and had played through it several times in my mind’s eye: I got up, brushed my teeth, slipped into my sports clothing and set off to run. In
the forest my mind could go down a little and I could sharpen all my senses. I needed that especially today. In the hot shower, I applied a particularly generous amount of the wonderfully fragrant body lotion. Then I started styling. Music couldn’t be missing! Humming painted my nails red and got me into the styling. Not too much, less is more: That was the motto that Anna had suggested. Since I don’t actually put on make-up in everyday
life, I was very grateful. I would have been hopelessly overwhelmed with an elaborate evening makeup. I twisted light curls into my freshly washed hair and washed my eyelashes black. Finally, the red Chanel lipstick was used, which is just waiting for special occasions. I applied my favorite perfume and examined myself in the mirror. Well, that should fit. My outfit was ready for a long time and was approved by Anna. Now it could start.

I took the train, I didn’t have a car, and I had my heels to change in my big bag, in which I had stowed some spicy details … 😉 This knowledge alone made this train ride the most exciting so far. Of course I was at the hotel much too early. The surroundings weren’t much, either, so where could I stay the remaining hour to calm my pulse? Finally I found a small park bench on the side of the path. Whenever a stroller looks over at me, I instinctively lower my eyes as if I could see what I was about to do. I kneaded my hands nervously. It was my first blind date. What was he like? I should know right away …