I had three dates when I was about to go on my first overnight stay. The dates previously all lasted two hours each and were pretty similar. However, this was perfect for me, as I was slowly starting to feel my new, exciting life. With a longer booking I would have been a little overwhelmed at the beginning. Now this request came faster than expected, but made me
more excited than worried.

The date should take place in a big city a little further away for me. Five hours by train would be ahead of me. This is exactly how I imagined it: with a full suitcase full of little secrets, the little black dress and high heels when traveling. The thought that everyone would think I was a business traveler, but that I was up to something completely different, stimulated me beyond measure. Although – basically I was on a mission – a secret mission. Before we started we had to prepare a lot. The last time I spent an entire night with a man was over half a year ago – and with my partner at the time. Now this should be with a completely strange man, which admittedly made me a little queasy. So I was very grateful that Anna gave me plenty of tips and advice on how to behave.

The client was known to the agency and, as before on every date, I received a self-description of the gentleman with his ideas and preferences as well as two feedbacks from other ladies who have already met him. I needed more clothes for the overnight than for a normal date – I had to be prepared for everything. So in addition to a pair of change shoes, a fresh dress for the next day, several sets of lingerie, various stay-ups, as well as a pretty negligee for the night, some more toys than usual – now there was enough time to try a little – in my suitcase.

The last few meters to the hotel (a particularly noble five-star hotel, of which I had previously only been able to dream), I called Anna, who continued to prepare me thoroughly for my upcoming date and thus somewhat curb my nervousness. I was again instructed to knock on the door of the room. Even after later dates I preferred this form of getting to know each other – but that’s probably a matter of taste. I have heard about escorts who prefer to be picked up in the lobby. However, since I am generally extremely nervous and excited on every date, my carousel of thoughts would only be triggered any further by a strange look. I prefer knocking on the anonymous hotel door rather than wandering around the lobby looking and looking, looking forward to who would open it a little later.

He was tall, handsome, and looked much younger than advertised – jackpot. The feedback from my colleagues was not an exaggeration. We got on right away and immediately got involved in a lively conversation. The evening had already progressed when I arrived, so that we both had dinner. So we devoted ourselves to other things. It was a wonderful evening, I haven’t felt this carefree for a long time. He knew exactly how to deal with a woman and read almost every wish from my eyes. The passion between us was real and hard to control. Exhausted we fell on our backs around midnight and fell into a restful sleep. The morning started the way every man probably wants it – and my fantasies were also fulfilled. This is how you can start the day, I thought – and my date was completely in my opinion. While he jumped into the shower, I rolled over one last time in the soft hotel bedding and stuck. What a night. I especially associate the feeling of vacation with waking up in the hotel. This is how I felt: like on vacation – relaxed and relaxed. One of the reasons why I could never see my escort job as a real job. Finally, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast with a breathtaking view until I said goodbye and was sure that this was definitely one of my best date experiences – and I was just getting started.