8 Travel Escorts on Mallorca: A Dreamlike Escort-Service Experience

Indulging in Mallorca’s sun with eight travel escort ladies – what kind of gentleman would not want something like that? Beautiful weather, beautiful women and simply a little relaxation in a beautiful foreign place.

Unfortunately, in recent months this all had seemed like a far-off dream. Corona had put many people on alert and understandably discouraged them from visiting foreign countries – not to mention all those travel restrictions.

We at Escort-Deluxe have also undertaken several precautions in the last few months. There were no appointments, no bookings and also no travelling. Because we thought: Better stay calm and prudent now, and start healthy, safe and full of energy when the incidences are getting low.

With summer starting, reduced restrictions, and incidences as low as they were a year ago, things finally got going again this summer. And then suddenly a thought came to us: Why not do something special? Something out of the ordinary? To show you, our clients, that holidays with travel escort ladies are finally possible again. Then we decided to have an agency model shooting on Mallorca – with eight of our truly enchanting travel escort ladies.

The Travel Escort Shooting on Mallorca – Finally Some Escort Holidays Again

Flying to Mallorca with an escort travel lady means one thing first and foremost: travelling to Germany’s favourite island. But that is not all: Mallorca also means wonderful beaches, a pleasant Mediterranean climate and wild, romantic nature. The perfect backdrop for an extravagant photo shooting with eight of our travel escort ladies.

Discover now some impressions of our agency shooting with Alea, Luisa, Rosalie, Elise, Genevieve, Liana, Julia and Noelle. And get yourself some inspiration for your next escort holiday.

Escort Holidays with Your Escort Lady – Your Opportunity for 2021

Fantastic shots, right? The shooting really was a stunning success. And you can visibly see our ladies’ joy while finally being able to breathe some fresh island air again.

If you have gotten a little sentimental now because you want to explore foreign beaches with one of our models by yourself, then we have good news for you: travelling with travel escort ladies is possible again this summer to a certain extent. So why don’t you enjoy a little island visit with an attractive travel escort lady? With an intimate swim in a secret cove and a romantic dinner in a small restaurant on the coast? Combined with a first-class hotel, this might be the perfect way to recharge your discharged batteries of the last cold months.

Visit our model index now and book the lady of your choice today – for an escort holiday in 2021 that you will not forget.

PS: Would you like to learn more about Mallorca? Then visit our city guide article about the famous island. There you will find plenty of date ideas and lots of information for visiting Mallorca’s hot spots with a travel escort lady.