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Escort models available in Lausanne

Here you can see a selection of our escort models from – or available in – Lausanne and around. For an overview of all escort models from our agency, go to Escort Models in the main menu.

02 — City Guide

Location tips for escort service in Lausanne

Being in Lausanne with an Escort Lady – Olympic Eroticism. Lausanne: the Olympic capital. Home to the most important Olympic-related institutions and home to over 50 international sports federations. But that is not everything. Lausanne also is old town, cultural center, trendy district and fourth largest city in Switzerland. Reason enough to be mentioned in the City-Guide of Escort-Deluxe – as a destination for an amazing adventure with an erotic escort model.

An Escort Trip to Lausanne – A Small Aperitif

Choosing Lausanne as a destination for an erotic adventure is not an accident. The city combines many cultural facets while offering stunning views and a comprehensive abundance in experiences. With round about 140,000 inhabitants, it is also the fourth largest city in Switzerland which is the reason why there is plenty of space for having a good time with a sexy escort lady.
For instance, you can stroll and relax at the promenade of Lake Geneva. Or you and your escort lady go on a culinary adventure by jumping on one of the many dining ships. You can also explore the heart of the city, the Flon district, and make yourself some nice gifts before enjoying a wine tasting on the plantations of Lavaux. Then, in the evening, you and your escort model can pamper each other in one of the many suites of Lausanne’s countless hotels. So much to discover, so much to see and so much to experience. Let’s get there. Straight to Lausanne.

Escort Lausanne: What Are the Hot Spots of the City?

For an escort adventure, Lausanne offers plenty of playful areas. And the largest certainly is Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Europe. It is located along the Swiss-French border connecting Montreux in the east with Geneva in the west at its corner points. Located in the north, Lausanne and its promenade offer rich views, beautiful beaches, and high-quality cuisine. Hence, the promenade of Lake Geneva is an ideal spot for either a romantic dinner, a walk, or a little lazy afternoon.
The coast of Lake Geneva is a beautiful place for nature-loving city addicts. Here, culture blends with its original environment. But the center of Lausanne is also offering opportunities for beautiful experiences. In the Flon district, for example, you can simply go with the flow – by day or by night. The former industrial zone is both a cultural mecca and a shopping mile. Surrounded by bars and restaurants you can find something for every taste. And not to be forgotten: The district and its surroundings have some tremendous hotels, such as the beautiful Lausanne Palace.
Not far away from the Flon, you will find the cathedral of Lausanne. From this spot you can enjoy the city view in romantic privacy. But the cathedral is also worth a look from an architectural point of view, as it is considered one of the most beautiful monuments of Gothic architecture in Europe. And what is more romantic than a gothic cathedral?
Right! The only place more romantic than a gothic cathedral is a vineyard at sunset, in the privacy of erotic togetherness. So why not take a little detour to Lavaux? To the vineyard terraces. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a variety of possibilities that will incredibly increase the quality of your erotic adventure: wine tastings, culinary delights, arts, and nature. The perfect walk for a day out at perfect weather. Especially if followed by a night with one of our escort ladies.

Discovering Lausanne with the Escort Service – What You Should Have Experienced

A city like Lausanne cannot be summed up in terms of experiences. It is so packed with entertaining highlights, that it is only possible to give a small overview. Nevertheless, we do not want to miss the opportunity to offer you the right tips – so that your escort adventure will be an extraordinary experience. Not only on your suite.
If you are staying in Lausanne with an escort lady, we recommend that you first take a walk along the promenade of Lake Geneva. It is the ideal place to get to know each other more intimately and to let your thoughts wander a little. At Lake Geneva, you and your escort lady can have a little chat while having a picnic on one of the many lawns or sandy beaches. You can have a drink in one of the bars, or take an enjoyable gourmet cruise. Especially for shorter escort arrangements, when there is not enough time for a hot trip to the outside, you will find everything you need for a beautiful afternoon and evening at Lake Geneva – erotic anticipation included.
On the other hand, if you are staying for more than just a weekend, we recommend a visit to the wine terraces of Lavaux. As the largest contiguous wine-growing region in Switzerland, you will not only find a fantastic landscape here. You can also taste exquisite wines like the Chasselas or Pinot Noir while strolling around over 800-year-old stone terraces with your beloved escort model, surrounded by grapevines and sunshine. A relaxing spot. And a successful start into the evening with your escort lady.
For a little pleasure during the day, we recommend visiting the Flon district. Here, where art, culture, commerce and the scene come together, you will find something for every taste. Why not doing a little shopping trip? Make your beautiful escort lady a gift. Now that you know each other, this might be the right thing to make her happy. Whatever it is, she will surely thank you by making your evening even more enjoyable.
If you need the right kick, you will also find some sporting experiences ready to be enjoyed in the Olympic capital. For example, the Cyclotour de Léman. Get a bike for you and your escort lady and ride around Lake Geneva. After almost 176 km, the finish beckons you. Truly Olympic. On the other hand: after 176 km you will be done pretty much. And all these kilometers do not offer exquisite erotic entertainment either. Perhaps it would be better to stroll along the lakeside promenade. And transfer the Olympics to the 5-star-suite with your escort model.

03 — Escort Hotels & Restaurants

Top escort hotels & restaurants for your date in Lausanne

Our escort models are always guests in various hotels all over Europe and worldwide. Based on their experience, we have put together three highlights from hotels and other date locations for you.

Top 3 Hotels

Top 3 Bars & Restaurants

Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa

Escort Hotel Review

Art nouveau from the early twentieth century. The Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa pampers you and your escort lady with a large wellness area. The culinary finesse of Marc Haeberlin will do the rest. Start to relax in a truly first-class hotel.

Avenue d'Ouchy 40 | 1006 Lausanne | Schweiz

Beau-Rivage Palace

Escort Hotel Review

Situated in the park landscape at Lake Geneva, even Coco Chanel and Charlie Chaplin have found their relaxing moments here. Top ratings and a brilliant location are making the hotel a true all-rounder – especially with regards to an escort adventure.

Place du Port 17-19 | 1006 Lausanne | Schweiz

Le Mirador Resort & Spa

Escort Hotel Review

In the east of Lausanne, in Vevey, you will find the Le Mirador Resort & Spa. Here you and your escort lady will have the perfect view over Lake Geneva and the surrounding Alps. The included restaurants offer exquisite cuisine while the adjoining terraces are contributing the perfect view to your romantic dinner.

Chemin de l'Hôtel du Mirador 5 | 1801 Vevey | Schweiz

Anne-Sophie Pic – das Restaurant

Location Review
Located in the Beau-Rivage Palace, Anne-Sophie Pic, the 3 Michelin star chef, is offering you an absolutely masterclass dinner. The restaurant was awarded 2 stars by the Guide Michelin and has got 18 out of 20 points by Gault-Millau. You and your lady can hardly dine better.

Place du Port 17-19 | 1006 Lausanne | Schweiz

Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville Crissier

Location Review
Located a little bit on the outside of Lausanne, this restaurant offers a cuisine prepared by Frank Giovannini – healthy, seasonal and with 3 stars. Divided into five different rooms, you can spend an enchanting evening in the Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville Crissier. From the beginning to the end.

Rue d' Yverdon 1 | 1023 Crissier | Schweiz

Eat Me

Location Review
“The world on small plates”, says the slogan. Here you can enjoy food, that reminds you of tapas, but that is not tapas. A nice restaurant where you can easily chat with your escort lady – cocktails included.

Rue Pépinet 3 | 1003 Lausanne | Schweiz

04 — Escort Magazine

Lausanne-News from the magazine

In our escort magazine we regularly write about new escort models from our agency, events, escort service tipps or exciting ideas for your escort date. Here you will find the latest news from Lausanne.

friends in a bar

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