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Location tips for escort service in Lucerne

Escort Lucerne – with an Erotic Travel Companion to Central Switzerland. Lucerne – according to some people the most beautiful city in Switzerland. Some even say that Lucerne is the most beautiful city in Europe. And some even go so far as to say that Lucerne is the most beautiful city in the world. Reason enough to put Lucerne into the spotlight once again – here in the Escort Deluxe City Guide. What are the attractions of Lucerne? What can you experience? Where are the hot spots? And: Where can you spent time together – undisturbed? Find out how your city trip to Lucerne with an erotic escort lady will become a complete success. And at the same time: Find out how beautiful Lucerne really is.

With the Escort Service to Lucerne – Your City Information

Lucerne is located in Central Switzerland and is considered as the social and cultural center of the country. The city has a population of about 90,000 inhabitants and yet, despite its small size, it quite often takes the first place among the most beautiful cities in the world. But that is not only because of its picturesque beauty. Moreover, it has something to do with the fact that the city appears completely unimpressed by modern external influences and reveals itself in a historical elegance and with an attention to detail that is rarely found somewhere else. An erotic stay in Lucerne almost always seems like a short journey through time – to a time in which beauty and elegance were not just facades, but in which they were celebrated with all their facets.

Erotic Lucerne – Exploring the City with an Escort Model

If you want to explore Lucerne with an escort model, there is a lot to discover – aside from your lady’s body. Nearly at every corner you will find a piece of architecture or a small picturesque work of art. The city is literally brimming with epic views on lakes, churches and venerable old buildings. And even the smallest details are stunning: Lucerne is famous for its Swiss watchmakers, Carl F. Bucherer for example. The company’s watches offer fantastic pieces of jewelry that are more than mere clocks; they are gems, works of art that you – when visiting Lucerne – should definitely consider as a souvenir, or as a reminder of a beautiful night spent with a stunning woman. Trust us: You will not find a more attractive gift anywhere else.
Now that you already know where to get a marvelous wristwatch, we will tell you about the other sights. But be careful. Since some magazines gave Lucerne the reputation to be the most beautiful city in the world, it may happen that you and your escort lady cannot enjoy certain views and outlooks alone. Nevertheless, this fact still has some advantages that comes with it, because in well-attended cities you will at least move a little bit closer together, so that you take a special look at the details – an eroticizing factor for a subsequent time of delicate closeness.
But let us come to the daily planning of your escort trip now. From a cultural point of view, Lucerne offers an unbelievable amount of time-honoured treasures, all of which are worth a visit. There are, for example:
The Chapel Bridge with its Water Tower, the Old Town, the Town Hall, the Musegg Wall, the Lion Monument,
and the Needle Weir of Lucerne. Furthermore, you can dig deep into contemporary arts at the Museum of Art Lucerne – while being stunned by an interior arranged in overwhelming lighting. And if you need the sensual pleasures of finest musical arts, the KKL, Lucerne’s Culture and Convention Centre, will enchant you and your escort lady with its world-famous acoustics.

With the Escort Service in Lucerne – What We Can Recommend

Depending on how long your stay in Lucerne is, it may be a good idea to leave the city for a few hours to explore the surrounding area. In this case you should definitely visit one of the surrounding peaks with your escort lady – the Rigi-Kulm or Pilatis-Kulm for example. Their view is breathtaking and leads directly to another natural spectacle, which we warmly recommend for a daytrip: Lake Lucerne.
With an area of 114 km², Lake Lucerne offers an imposing sight like no other lake basin. And with a rental car, you and your escort lady can easily discover less touristy vantage spots – where you not only have to discover the natural beauty of the landscape.
Then, when you get back to the city, you should take a little cruise on the Lucerne lake basin – with a boat trip on the panoramic yacht Saphir, for example. This is not a big style-factor, but moreover a spot, where you and your escort lady can relax while having a drink under the sun deck. As a bonus, you also learn something new about Lucerne – via audio guide.
If you are interested in a more remote, but still central place, we recommend the Inseli-Park. There you can find two bars that are further away from the tourist hot spots and hence are an ideal place to abduct your escort lady to. And if that is not quiet enough for you: Visit the nature farm “Hinter Musegg”. On 2.4 hectares you can experience highland cattle, alpacas and other animals on a self-sufficient farm that is simultaneously an interesting event-venue: A natural recreational idyll in the most beautiful city in the world – an ideal spot if the city gets too loud for you and your lady.
If, on the other hand, volume is not an issue, and if you and your escort model have an attraction for classical music, there is nothing better than a concert in the KKL. It might happen, that its stunning acoustics prevent you from wanting to leave the hall after the concert, but the experience is worth the risk. Nevertheless, your escort lady will certainly sweeten your evening afterwards anyway – no matter how melancholy the minor chords have sounded.

03 — Escort Hotels & Restaurants

Top escort hotels & restaurants for your date in Lucerne

Our escort models are always guests in various hotels all over Europe and worldwide. Based on their experience, we have put together three highlights from hotels and other date locations for you.

Top 3 Hotels

Top 3 Bars & Restaurants

Radisson Blu Luzern

Escort Hotel Review

Situated directly on Lake Lucerne, very close to the Culture and Conference Centre, the Radisson Blu Lucerne is the hotel for city experiences and conferences – if you are planning to take care of business in Lucerne. Especially appreciated by couples, you can easily explore Lucerne by foot from here.

Lakefront Center Inseliquai 12 | 6005 Luzern | Switzerland

Hotel Astoria

Escort Hotel Review

The Hotel Astoria is a modern hotel that combines modernism with simple elegance. You will be amazed by the architecture of the Pritzker Prize winner and the gastronomy awarded by Gault Millau. Different types of rooms, four restaurants and four different bars, above all the 360° rooftop bar Penthouse, offer you a stay in a class of its own.

Pilatusstrasse 29 | 6002 Luzern | Switzerland

Château Gütsch

Escort Hotel Review

The Château Gütsch is a time-honoured hotel with overwhelming lake and city views. Reopened in 2014 after a long renovation period, it offers a formidable stay with fairy-tale castle romance – perfect for a stay with an erotic princess. Enjoy the view and the silence of this hotel classic.

Kanonenstrasse | 6003 Luzern | Switzerland

Grottino 1313

Location Review
The Grottino 1313 offers exclusive romance in the former industrial quarter of Lucerne. With a selected wine cellar, Mediterranean cuisine and tastings it makes mere eating an experience – without a menu. Instead, there is a different four- or five-course surprise menu every day.

Industriestrasse 7
 | 6005 Luzern | 

Die Werkstatt

Location Review
Imposing cuisine for lunch, dinner and brunch. And if you want to experience something different with your escort lady: both of you can put on an apron in this delicate interior and cook for yourselves under guidance. Or you both learn how to prepare a stunning drink. At Die Werkstatt, exquisite dining becomes an exquisite experience for two. There is no better way to start an erotic evening.

Waldstätterstrasse 18 | 6003 Luzern | 

Villa Schweizerhof

Location Review
Situated at Lake Lucerne, you can enjoy regional food in the secluded tranquility of a villa with just a few tables. Be alone at Villa Schweizerhof and enjoy freshly prepared delicacies including champagne at a candlelight dinner.

Haldenstrasse 30 | 6006 Luzern | Switzerland

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Lucerne-News from the magazine

In our escort magazine we regularly write about new escort models from our agency, events, escort service tipps or exciting ideas for your escort date. Here you will find the latest news from Lucerne.

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