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02 — City Guide

Location tips for escort service in Menorca

An Escort Trip to Menorca. Discovering Menorca with an escort model is an incredibly special kind of travel experience. Because unlike Mallorca or Ibiza, Menorca is a much more silent place to be. “The smaller one", which is its name in Catalan, has significantly fewer big sized hotels, fewer tourist hot spots and, as a result, fewer parties and less noise. Instead, there is a lot of nature, relaxing silence and an abundance of culture – with traces that are dating up to 4000 years ago. So, as you can see: There are a lot of experiences ready to be made on this little island. Not just erotic ones, but also adventurous ones – or both together.

Being on Menorca with an Escort Model – A Short Introduction

Even though Menorca is called “the smaller one” in Catalan, it is actually the second largest of the Balearic Islands. And this is something that becomes very obvious, when one does take a closer look at the island, because Menorca does not only appear visibly grown and mature in its size, but also in its determination. Since its population has vehemently voted against mass tourism and instead for nature and culture, it has become a place for relaxation and cultural experience. And this is exactly what people need from time to time. Celebrating and spending the night out can be done on Mallorca or Ibiza. On Menorca, on the other hand, you will find deserted panoramas, empty country roads, and hidden coves glowing in a blue light, that even makes the Caribbean a bit jealous from time to time. In other words: Menorca has an environment that is perfect for a few adventurous experiences with your escort lady – eroticism included.

Hot Spots on Menorca – The Escort Service Highlights

If you are on Menorca with your escort lady, you have made the right choice. Because especially for romantic excursions and tingling short trips the island offers the perfect panorama: From rugged cliffs and angry waves to gently sloping bays and crystal blue bathing water you will find places for every temperament on Menorca. The advantage: the islands predominant tranquility, which makes Menorca an ideal place for a relaxing trip full of erotic togetherness.
Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1993. Therefore, you will find a wide variety of protected landscapes there. To discover as many of them as possible, we recommend renting a car for you and your escort lady. By doing so you do not only get as much out of the island as possible, but you can also stop whenever and wherever you like – be it for an overnight stay in a typical Menorcan pension or for a spontaneous picnic at sunset.
Due to Menorca’s 200 km long coastline, the number of beaches on the island is immense. With the majority lying in the south, Cala Fustam and Cala de Trebalúger – two almost deserted beaches – can also be found there. At these places, you and your escort model can get to know each other while relaxing on the beach and enjoying a bath in the crystal-clear Mediterranean water – without any tourists.
If you love discovery – and by that we do not just mean the erotic way of discovering – we really recommend exploring the island by car. Just jump in and discover Menorca’s country roads. Let yourself drift and enjoy each other’s company while cruising from town to town. Afterwards you might eventually arrive in one of the following two cities: Maó or Ciutadelle. Which are both ideal places for cultural exploration.
Maó is located in the eastern part of the island and is the capital of Menorca. Here you can experience the second largest natural harbour in the world after Sidney Harbour. You can also discover architecture that is strongly influenced by the English and you can walk in the historical footsteps of the Cathargians.
In Ciutadelle you can take your escort model for a leisurely stroll through the numerous boutiques, while you two give each other a little present. And afterwards you two should go to the bay of Cala Mitjana, which is definitely worth a small trip. Okay, you would be back on sandy ground then, but who cares? That is the way it is on Menorca: There are beaches just like there are rocks on the ground.

What You Must Have Done with an Escort Lady on Menorca

So, what should you do, when you are on Menorca, ready to discover the island with your escort lady? Our answer to this is quite clear: you should invite your escort lady for dinner and spoil each other on the suite. After all, that is what you two are here for, aren’t you? However, since eroticism and sex are not everything, when it comes to an escort holiday, here are a few other things we would like to recommend to you:
Taste the Caldereta de Langosta. You will find the so-called lobster stew nowhere else so well prepared as in Menorca. It is said that even the King of Spain is regularly visiting the island to eat the delicious shellfish prepared in the local way. And yes, you are right: This does not necessarily make the stew a dinner-event for you and your escort lady. But nevertheless: You should try it.
Try the Queso Mahon. Since we are already speaking of food: Do you like cheese? The Queso Mahón is a speciality of Menorca and should not be missed on your holiday menu. Ideal with a nice bottle of wine and some fruits, it is the perfect final snack in an erotic tapas dinner at a cozy evening for two. Combined with a few waves crashing against the steep cliffs in front of your suite you will have the perfect environment for a terrific night.
Walking on the Cami de Cavalls. You and your escort lady are sporty people? And you both enjoy hiking? Then why not conquer the Cami de Cavalls? A 184 km long hiking trail that will take you all around Menorca. Sure, it is long, but that way you and your escort model have a lot of time for yourselves to get to know each other perfectly. And by the way: From lonely coastal walks to sandy dunes and stone caves – you can not experience Menorca in a better way. But beware: This is an adventure for the hard-boiled!
Go to Cova D’en Xoroi. In this restaurant you and your escort lady will probably find the best sunset on the island. In addition, you will be served refreshing cocktails, all accompanied by relaxing live music. The perfect place for the early evening. And if there is a suitable hotel nearby, there is nothing to stop you from making it an erotic evening, too. What else do you want?
Of course, this is not all you should have done in Menorca. But you should definitely be able to at least make a mark behind these four points before leaving the island – as well as behind the unmentioned point that you have had a good time. Enjoy the culinary delights with your escort model, bathe in the waters of the Mediterranean sea and spoil each other as often as you can. This way you will keep the Menorca and your escort lady in unforgettable memories.
Final notes: Be careful when spoiling each other in Spain. Sex in public is not allowed and will be severely punished. So just enjoy the countryside and save your erotic energy for the hotel room.

03 — Escort Hotels & Restaurants

Top escort hotels & restaurants for your date in Menorca

Our escort models are always guests in various hotels all over Europe and worldwide. Based on their experience, we have put together three highlights from hotels and other date locations for you.

Top 3 Hotels

Top 3 Bars & Restaurants

Hotel Can Faustino Relais & Chateaux

Escort Hotel Review

Located in the port of Ciutadella, the pool and à-la-carte restaurant await you in a 17th century building. The ideal retreat within the small town of Ciutadella, if you are looking for some privacy in a Mediterranean suite.

Sa Muradeta, 22 | 07760 Ciutadella | Menorca

S'Hotelet d'es Born - Suites & SPA

Escort Hotel Review

Located in Ciutadella, this small 5-star hotel offers pure romance. Rated by couples as ideally located, this hotel is the ideal starting point for adventurous experiences – both outside and inside the suite.

Carrer Arguimbau, 13 | 07760 Ciutadella | Menorca

Casa Ládico - Hotel Boutique

Escort Hotel Review

A hotel only for adults – as if it were made for a trip with an escort model. At Casa Ládico you can experience wellness and pleasant tranquillity in the middle of the city of Maó. Spoil yourself and enjoy the flair of the city before making yourself comfortable on the suite.

C/ Anuncivay, 26 | 07701 Mahón | Menorca

Pan y Vino

Location Review
Bread and wine – a simple name. But with an exquisite cuisine of French and Mediterranean dishes. In the cellar you will also find a variety of wines, which you and your escort model should try out as best as you can. The Pan y Vino is a small restaurant for a romantic evening for two.

Camí de la Coixa, 3 | 07711 Sant Lluis | Menorca

Cafè Balear

Location Review
A distinct Mediterranean cuisine as it is known for Menorca: from lobster to oysters and various types of fish. All exquisitely prepared. Enjoy healthy and fresh cuisine – close to the port of the city of Ciutadella.

Pla de Sant Joan, 15 | 07760 Port de Ciutadella | Menorca

Bodegas Binifadet

Location Review
Discover the largest winery in Menorca – and have dinner below the vines. The question whether the vine may be excellent is obsolete. And the food in the Bodegas Binifadet is also gracious. Experience a romantic dinner with a stunning view to the winery.

Carretera Ses Barraques S/N | 07710 Sant Lluís - Es Castell | Menorca

04 — Dating Tips

Menorca Dating Tips from the Magazine

In our escort magazine we regularly write about new escort models from our agency, events, escort service tipps or exciting ideas for your escort date. Here you will find the latest news from Menorca.

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