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Location tips for escort service in Mykonos

An escort trip to Mykonos with an attractive woman – which man would not like that? A lonely, gently sloping beach, the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea and a woman in company, who easily lives up to the name of Ambrosia. Yes, Mykonos can make your dreams come true. Especially when accompanied by a high-class escort model. And since we want your dreams to become reality –without ending up in unwanted tourist crowds –, we have written this City Guide article. For a stimulating and almost mythical Greece experience with your escort lady.

An Escort Trip to Mykonos – What You Should Know

Visiting Mykonos with an escort service is just the right thing if you cannot decide between divine gluttony and lonely seclusion. Because Mykonos is an island where you can enjoy yourself with your escort lady on a yacht in solitude or among many other people during the parties at night. Whatever you like: Mykonos makes it possible.
Located in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is a small island east of the Greek mainland. Together with a few other islands, it forms the Cyclades – a group of islands whose exact number has always been disputed by scholars. But if anyone should ask you: You are usually right when saying: “They are twelve.”
Mykonos has a size of approximately 105 km² and a length of only 14 kilometres – at its longest distance. This makes Mykonos an ideal retreat if you like to explore the area around you by foot or by car. In addition, island hopping is also a good option. Since the other Cyclades are not far away, you can easily cross over by boat. A fantastic activity – especially if you want to enjoy a little time for two with your escort lady. So lie down on deck enjoying the fantastic view under the Aegean sun.

Mykonos Hot Spots – Some Sights You Should See by Yourself

Just imagine: You have just landed on Mykonos with your escort lady. Minutes ago, you were still admiring the numerous Greek islands from above, and now you are there by yourself, on a small sublime island in the Aegean Sea. Mykonos – one of the most beautiful and also most popular Greek islands. Next to you sits one of the most enchanting women and you are knowing that she will spend every second with you on this island. What would you like to experience with her? What would you like to see? You do not know yet? Then it is good that we have prepared something for you …
Since Mykonos is a very small island, the sights are manageable. But that does not make them any less attractive – especially in the presence of an attractive escort lady. To make sure that you get your money’s worth – not only erotically but also culturally –, we have put together a few sights you two can visit together. First and foremost: The capital, the Chora, which is also called Mykonos.
If you want to discover Mykonos with your escort lady, you cannot leave out the small but fine Chora. Ideal for a first walk on the island, it offers small shops, restaurants and several bars for a refreshing drink. As the perfect spot to get in the mood for the island, it also gives you a good impression of Cycladic architecture: White cubic buildings without frills, combined with accents in strong blue. Plus: the cobbled streets. There is hardly a more beautiful way to stroll around. And certainly not with such attractive company.
If you are already strolling through the city, we recommend the church Panagia-Paraportani. Unlike other famous churches that are most often nothing more than a showy show-off, Panagia-Paraportani shows itself as a small chapel in plain white, in danger of collapsing, not accessible, but still beautiful. The ideal background for a small photo session – provided the fact that you would like to have a souvenir of your escort trip.
From the Panagia-Paraportani, the route continues to Little Venice, a Venetian leftover that is now a place of many galleries and exhibitions. The ideal spot if you and your escort lady are interested in performing arts. Nearby you will also find the famous windmills of Mykonos, now museum and residential buildings, which still form the Cycladic skyline of the capital.
Now that you have seen a little of the city, it is of course time for going to the beach. Because after all, you are here to relax. And your escort lady has probably also prepared herself for a little time on the turquoise Mediterranean coast. Therefore, we now recommend a few suitable beaches.
Paradise Beach is the first beach that gets our recommendation. Located in the south, it is a mecca of celebrating, a place of dance and music. But beware: Because of its reputation, the beach is also very lively. There are masses of holidaymakers in Mykonos who are only visiting the island because of this beach and its parties. But that is exactly why Paradise-Beach is legendary. So: Take a look and have drink.
If Paradise Beach is not enough for you, there is of course Super Paradise Beach. The parties at this place sometimes go on until the early morning hours – and are sometimes a little more permissive. So, if you want to discover the hidden hippie in you: Super Paradise Beach has its origin as a hippie beach in the 60s. And it is the ideal address if you really want to celebrate with your escort lady.

Discovering Mykonos with the Escort Lady – What You Should Have Done

Now that you have discovered the hot spots of Mykonos with your escort model, we would like to recommend a few more activities. Both entertaining and erotic – for a successful escort trip in the Aegean Sea.

1. Take a boat trip. We already mentioned it among the hot spots, but it is so good that we must write it again: Get yourself a boat. Why? Because you and your escort model can indulge yourself in the solitude of the Aegean Sea – on and below the deck. And afterwards you will explore the next island of the Cyclades, Delos or Tinos for example.

2. Head to Kalafati Beach. Why? Because Kalafati Beach offers you something that the party bays cannot: water sports. From wakeboarding and waterskiing to windsurfing and jet skiing, everything is possible in Kalafati Beach. Perfect for an active day with your escort lady – and for a few action-packed experiences that by way of exception have nothing to do with eroticism.

3. Go to the Scandinavian Bar. The Scandinavian Bar is something like the center of Mykonos’ party scene. Having grown steadily over the last few years, it is the right place if you want to party in the heart of the Chora.

4. Feed the pelican Petros. Okay, this is going to sound crazy now, but Petros really exists, or did exist. As the mascot of Mykonos, he made a name for himself ages ago, before he suddenly died. But he was promptly replaced by other pelicans. So, if you see a pelican somewhere on the beach, it is most likely the reincarnation of the real Petros. So give him a little snack.

5. Visit Agios Sostis and Psarou Beach More beaches? Yes, exactly. After all, you are in Greece, so why not? And while the beaches we mentioned so far have all been rather active trendsetters, we are now giving you two beaches, where you can enjoy a little intimacy with your escort lady. Agios Sostis for example is the ideal place for a romantic picnic. Self-catered, you can indulge each other between refreshing baths for two. On Psarou Beach, on the other hand, life is a little more decadent. You can relax on your yacht in front of the coast or you can have a drink served on the beach – luxurious dining included in one of the many restaurants.

6. Rent a villa. In the east of the island you will find many small villas, which are secluded from tourism and therefore offer the ideal playground for an adventure with your escort lady. Take a little retreat, take care of yourself and enjoy nothing more than the erotic togetherness of the small Cycladic island Mykonos.

So, are you longing for an escort trip to Mykonos now? Then what are you waiting for? Our escort ladies are travel-loving adventurers that cannot wait to discover the island with you. So take a look at our sedcards. And if you already took an eye on one of our ladies: You will find a few hotel suggestions below. For an uncomplicated and relaxing trip to one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

03 — Escort Hotels & Restaurants

Top escort hotels & restaurants for your date in Mykonos

Our escort models are always guests in various hotels all over Europe and worldwide. Based on their experience, we have put together three highlights from hotels and other date locations for you.

Top 3 Hotels

Top 3 Bars & Restaurants

Belvedere Hotel Mykonos

Escort Hotel Review

A five-star luxury hotel, which is also one of the Leading Hotels of the World. Located in Mykonos City, the Chora, you will find everything you need for a discreet stay with your escort lady – including one of the best bars in town.

School of Fine Arts | District | 84600 Mykonos | Griechenland

Mykonos Soul Luxury Suites

Escort Hotel Review

Located near the beach of Agios Stefanos, you will find several suites with direct access to your personal pool as well as the possibility to have breakfast in bed – a successful start into the day, if you are traveling with an escort lady.

Agios Stefanos | 84600 Mykonos | Griechenland

Hotel Kensho Psarou

Escort Hotel Review

Located at beautiful and luxurious Psarou Beach, you can relax in a hotel inspired by Aegean architecture. Few beds, few tourists and instead an a la carte breakfast, an exquisite bar and a Mediterranean restaurant. You cannot ask for more.

Psarou Beach | 84600 Mykonos | Griechenland

VIP Restaurant

Location Review
Der Name sagt es bereits: Hier werden Sie bestens bedient. Das Restaurant bietet Ihnen und Ihrer Escort-Dame einen umwerfenden Blick auf das ägäische Meer, während die Köche Sie mit einer Mischung aus asiatischer und mediterraner Küche verzaubern – VIP-Service inklusive.

Platis Yialos | 84600 | Mykonos | Griechenland

Kiku Restaurant

Location Review
Japanische Ausnahme-Küche kombiniert mit japanisch-griechischem Design – hier erfahren Sie exquisite Kochkunst in gehobenem Ambiente. Ideal, wenn Sie etwas anderes probieren möchten als das Griechisch-Traditionelle.

Polucandrioti Chora at Hotel Leto 84600 | Mykonos

Baos Fine Dining

Location Review
Mediterrane Küche der Saison – mit einem Hauch des gewissen Extras. Panagiotis Tsoukatis zaubert Ihnen hier das Beste aus der griechischen Küche so dass Sie und Ihre Escort-Dame einen wahrhaft fulminanten Dinner-Abend erleben können.

Myconian Korali | Mykonos Town 846 00 | Griechenland

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Mykonos-News from the magazine

In our escort magazine we regularly write about new escort models from our agency, events, escort service tipps or exciting ideas for your escort date. Here you will find the latest news from Mykonos.

friends in a bar

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