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Escort models available in Stockholm

Here you can see a selection of our escort models from – or available in – Stockholm and around. For an overview of all escort models from our agency, go to Escort Models in the main menu.

02 — City Guide

Location tips for escort service in Stockholm

Escort Service Stockholm – Visiting Sweden's Capital with Your Escort Lady Discover Stockholm with an escort lady. And enjoy the cafés, streets, and islands of Sweden's capital in the most exclusive manner. Read on and learn more.

Visiting Stockholm with the Escort-Service – Some Local Facts

Experiencing Stockholm with a lady from an escort service is – like every capital city adventure – an overwhelming experience. And overwhelming in this special case does not mean crowded places. Because of its almost 2,300,000 inhabitants, the Greater Stockholm area is rather sparsely populated. This makes the capital of Sweden a pleasant place to experience undisturbed togetherness – for example on one of the many islands.

Stockholm is spread over 14 islands, all of them connected by bridges. Between them, gigantic water areas roughly make up 30 % of Stockholm’s city area. This is also the reason why boats are as much a part of Stockholm’s cityscape as an exciting wardrobe is part of an escort lady’s travel suitcase.

Escort Service Stockholm – the Venice of the North

Due to the many islands and its surrounding waters, Stockholm received the name Venice of the North in the vernacular. However, unlike the beautiful city of Italy, you can still find a quiet place in Stockholm – far away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist hot spots.

One special thing about the Venice of the North: Stockholm allows you to pitch a tent in the wild, thanks to the Everyman’s Right that applies in Sweden. The city thus completely redefines the word escort service adventure, which is why it is truly made for an erotic evening under the Scandinavian skies. But please be careful: always follow the local rules.

Now read on and find out which hot spots you should discover with your lady from the escort service in Stockholm.

Escort Service Adventure Stockholm: The Hot Spots

Stockholm is a perfect destination if you want to have an experience packed with contrasts. Because nowhere else you will find forests, seas and big city life so close together – embedded in the culture of the country. This makes visiting Sweden’s capital an all-encompassing experience. Especially, if you are exploring the hot spots with an attractive escort lady.

Let’s get on to the hot spots now:

  1. Gamla Stan – the Old Town

If you like long walks through old towns, then a visit to Gamla Stan is obligatory. The ancient city centre offers numerous alleys and shops allowing you to stroll around with your escort lady. Be it, because you want to get to know each other more actively in front of a beautiful city-backdrop or because you want to have a cozy second evening during a more extended escort adventure.

Our tip: Visit Gamla Stan in the early evening and wait for dusk. Because under the sparkling city lights you will experience the old town in its most perfect glory. An absolutely amazing scene for a romantic evening with your lady from our escort service.

  1. Drottningholm Castle

You like it the classic way? And maybe a little bit kinky? Then the park of Drottningholm Castle is an ideal destination for you and your escort date. Why? Because the estate was used to be a royal pleasure palace. And what suits an erotic escort date better than opulence combined with a dash of erotic desire?

A little tip: Combine your visit with a boat trip across Lake Malär. And take the guided tour through the castle. Because who knows: you might get some real royal inspiration for a kinky night with your escort lady.

  1. Ericsson Globe

If you want to marvel at Stockholm’s architecture during your visit, you should take your escort lady to the Ericsson Globe. It is probably the largest round building in the world and an impressive example of Stockholm’s modern side. And with its Skyview lift, it offers you and your lady an impressive view of Stockholm itself. Additionally, the Ericsson Globe is located in the largest event area in Northern Europe, so you might be able to combine the visit with another event, such as a concert.

A little advice: In Sweden, almost everything is much more digitalized, including payments and reservations. Therefore, if you want to use Stockholm’s Skyview with your escort lady, it is advisable to reserve it in advance via your smartphone.

  1. Drottninggatan

Shopping? Having a coffee? Or a Fika? Well, the best place to do this is Drottninggatan, probably Stockholm’s busiest street. You will definitely find less intimate togetherness here, but therefore you can easily mingle with the local people. Do a little shopping for your erotic escort night, or treat your escort lady to some delicacies in one of the many bars and restaurants. You might even find a little souvenir for you and your lady at one of the many street vendors or markets. That way, you both have something to remember your adventure of escort service Stockholm.

Things You Should Do While Being in Stockholm with Your Escort Lady

You do not just want to walk around and look at Stockholm’s hot spots with your escort lady? You also want to experience something? Then we have a few exclusive leisure activities for you below:

  1. Make Use of the Everyman’s Right

When you are visiting Stockholm with your escort lady, it is a good idea to make use of the Everyman’s Right. This allows you to camp in the wilderness, which you should definitely do at least once. Especially with a stunning escort lady at your side. You will need the right equipment and a little experience, and you will have to live for a certain amount of time with less comfort, but therefore you can enjoy the dreamlike pleasure of spending the night with a highly erotic escort lady in the outdoors. And who knows: if pitching a tent is the right activity for both of you, maybe even the northern lights will shine above you while you both pamper yourselves under the Scandinavian sky. But please be careful: always follow the local rules.

  1. Try the Skyview at the Ericsson Globe

We have already reported about the Ericsson Globe among the Hot Spots. But we did not really mention how great its Skyview is. So, if you are at the globe, book a ticket beforehand with your smartphone and pamper yourself and your escort lady with Stockholm’s best view. The glass lift will take you over the whole globe’s round shape up to its top. And trust us: You can not get your escort lady much closer to cloud number nine than this.

  1. Take a Ride with the Metro

You are asking yourself why you should travel by train with a high-class escort lady in Stockholm? Quite simple: Because the metro network of Sweden’s capital is considered the longest art gallery in the world: 110 kilometres allowing you to discover how metro architecture should be. So take your escort lady by the hand and commute a little. Who knows at which beautiful hotel the artistically decorated metro network will let you off.

  1. Go Out and Get Some Fika

Fika in Stockholm is what Fish and Chips are in England: a well-known delicacy, which in this case means a breakfast with coffee and a cinnamon bun. And seriously, what could be better than waking up in bed and being served hot coffee and something sweet? So jump out of bed, leave the room quietly, and surprise the woman of your dreams at your side with sweet pastries and freshly brewed coffee. She will definitely thank you for the small gesture – in the escort service lady’s style.

  1. Visit Skansen

If you are really interested in Sweden’s culture, you must visit Skansen with your escort lady. It is an open-air museum consisting of a whole historical village, perfectly designed to show you Sweden’s past. And the best of it: costumed showmen tell and teach you everything about the good old habits and tricks. For example, how to make ropes by yourself – a not inconsiderable know-how for erotic bondage games. Furthermore, Skansen is located in Djurgården, a park full of traditional cafés, restaurants and even a hotel. Thus, in case that mutual attraction overwhelms you both, you can settle right down in Skansen.

03 — Escort Hotels & Restaurants

Top escort hotels & restaurants for your date in Stockholm

Our escort models are always guests in various hotels all over Europe and worldwide. Based on their experience, we have put together three highlights from hotels and other date locations for you.

Top 3 Hotels

Top 3 Bars & Restaurants

Grand Hôtel Stockholm

Escort Hotel Review

An exclusive 5-star-hotel that is located directly at the water – with the Grand Hôtel Stockholm you will experience Stockholm’s hospitality from its best side. The hotel offers a dream view of the Kings Palace and the Old Town, as well as some very decent first-class restaurants and the equally first-class Cadier Bar.

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8 | 103 27 Stockholm | Schweden

Hotel Diplomat Stockholm

Escort Hotel Review

A luxury hotel of the very highest quality that will provide you and your escort lady with elegant suites in close proximity to Stureplan, where exquisite boutiques, cafés, and shops are awaiting you. The perfect place to start a luxurious city expedition.

Strandvägen 7C | 114 56 Stockholm | Schweden

Lydmar Hotel

Escort Hotel Review

A 5-star-hotel combining elegance with attractive simplicity. Located in the middle of the city centre, the hotel offers everything you need for a night with your escort lady in Stockholm – from first-class suites to all kinds of delicacies.

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2 | 111 48 Stockholm | Schweden


Location Review
Fancy a three-star restaurant? Then the Frantzén is your address. The profoundly simple web address speaks for itself, as do the pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Take your escort lady to Stockholm's realm of delights.

Klara Norra kyrkogata 26 | 111 22 Stockholm | Schweden


Location Review
If you and your escort lady like it vegetarian, then this restaurant is your place to dine. Its ovo-lacto-vegetarian cuisine is truly unique. And best of all: with a reservation for the chef's table, you both can dine undisturbed as a couple in a private séparée.

Blasieholmshamnen 6 | 103 27 Stockholm | Schweden


Location Review
At the TAK you can get Scandinavian cuisine combined with Japanese influences – elegant, original, exclusive. Carefully selected seasonal ingredients create the basis and provide you and your attractive escort lady with a distinctive dinner.

Brunkebergstorg 4 | 111 51 Stockholm | Schweden

04 — Escort Magazine

Stockholm-News from the magazine

In our escort magazine we regularly write about new escort models from our agency, events, escort service tipps or exciting ideas for your escort date. Here you will find the latest news from Stockholm.

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