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Escort models available in Monaco

Here you can see a selection of our escort models from – or available in – Monaco and around. For an overview of all escort models from our agency, go to Escort Models in the main menu.

02 — City Guide

Location tips for escort service in Monaco

Visiting Monaco with the Escort Service – you can hardly make a more exclusive trip with an escort lady. Because Monaco is in many areas considered as the most expensive place in the world. Marinas with several thousand euros mooring fees per day, villas in the tens of millions and clubs where a bottle of water costs 80 euros. Yes, Monaco is very expensive. But it is also incredibly exclusive. That is why it is just the right thing for an erotic time with a high-class escort model.

An Escort Trip to Monaco - Information about the city state

When going to Monaco with your escort lady you are probably aware that you are moving to one of the most expensive countries in the world. Therefore, we will stop talking about the costs now. Instead, we will offer you a few facts about Monaco that are worth knowing, because after all, it is a better way to get into conversation. And in Monaco it is very desirable to get into conversation – with a millionaire density of almost 30 %.
Monaco has about 37,000 inhabitants and is located about 20 km away from Nice. It is also located on the Mediterranean coast, but it is not a part of France. It is a third country and therefore acting largely independently. This is also the reason, why Monaco has a few different rules – especially when it comes to tax liability.
No taxes are levied in Monaco on income, capital gains and assets. A very good reason to live there and certainly the reason why so many millionaires have their homes in Monaco. However, the tax exemption does not mean that everyone can simply come and live in Monaco. Because space is limited. And that makes Monaco a true privilege – as if it were made for an exclusive adventure with a high-class escort model.

Discovering Monaco with Your Escort Model – the Hot Spots

Imagine you have just arrived with your escort lady in Monaco, the most expensive country in the world. What are you doing now? Going straight to the suite? We don’t think so. Because especially in Monaco it is pretty worthwhile to be part of the jet set. So go outside and offer your escort lady something truly special – a play at the opera, an evening at the casino, a shopping tour or an exquisite dinner. In short: have a good time together. But first of all we recommend a refreshing drink. Because Monaco is often quite hot, since the location on the Côte d’Azur is not stingy when it comes to sunshine. Therefore, a little refreshment might be the right start before you start exploring the hot spots of the city – together with your tremendous escort lady.
After you have refreshed yourself under the Monaco sun, you should go to the first sight. So jump into your dinner jacket and get off to the Casino Monte-Carlo. Surrounded by the magnificent Hôtel de Paris and the Café de Paris, you will get your money’s worth in every respect. Play a bit and try your luck – because nothing else will make your blood rush to the head than the thrill of roulette or blackjack. Okay, except our attractive escort ladies.
If you do not have a hotel room yet, we recommend the Hôtel de Paris, located directly to the casino. As one of the Leading Hotels of the World, you and your escort model can check in there on a truly exclusive basis – including a three-star restaurant. But be careful. You might not want to go home again after you have been served there.
After you have put your luck to test in the Casino, we recommend Port Hercule, Monaco’s marina. Here you will find yachts of all colours, from small to large to gigantic – perfect for marvelling at or to get yourself some inspiration. Or to stroll along the sea with your travel companion – for a feather-light conversation under the Monegasque luxury sun.
After the marina, you and your escort lady should go for a short walk to Monaco’s city centre. There you will find boutiques like nowhere else – including the world’s finest luxury goods. So walk around a little and make your escort lady a gift. Whether it is jewellery or a wardrobe – she will appreciate it.
In the evening we recommend visiting Monaco’s opera. Connected to the Casino, you can watch a play of your choice on stage in a truly royal ambience. And if you and your lady want to discover Monaco from the party side afterwards: Just go to Jimmi’z. Here you will find a relaxed atmosphere in an unusual ambience – peppered with Monaco’s celebrities. The ideal place if you want to dance a little.
If you are preferring a quieter atmosphere, go to the Le Bar Salle Blanche. Located in the Casino again it is a much quieter place. And if you have checked in at the Hôtel de Paris, it is only a notorious stone’s throw away from your suite – and the first erotic night with your marvellous escort lady.

Escort Trip to Monaco – What You Should Have Done

Basically, we have already given you some tips for a pleasant time with your escort lady. Nevertheless, there are a few things that go beyond a delicious dinner and an evening at the opera. And these we would like to present to you here.

1. The Grand Prize of Monaco. Yes, exactly. Once a year Monaco is hosting the world famous Formula 1 race. Streets are cordoned off, grandstands are erected and the already well-heeled third country is transformed into a superlative jet set. The perfect event for automobile sport lovers, but also for friends of exclusive entertainment. And in the presence of an attractive woman it might become an even more tingling experience full of vibrating horsepower.

2. Visiting the Casino Monte Carlo. Okay, we already mentioned it under the hot spots. But did we also say that Sean Connery had already played there in his role as famous James Bond? Clearly one more reason for visiting this legendary place. Especially since it offers almost all known casino games – including baccarat, poker and blackjack. And even if you are not a fan of casinos or gaming: The ambience alone is worth a visit.

3. Swimming at Lavrotto Beach. If you are in Monaco with an attractive escort lady, you should definitely go on a swim, because the weather is hot and constantly demanding a little cool-off. And Lavrotto Beach is the perfect place for it. Restaurants and bars are close by – for a romantic dinner at sunset afterwards.

4. Try Barbajuan. A type of ravioli that can only be found at the French Riviera, in northern Italy and in Monaco. Monaco is also where it originates, which is why it is clearly the place to try Barbajuan – best in combination with a bottle of wine.

5. Lean back and relax. Yes, that only really works in Monaco. Because the small independent third country has the lowest crime rate in the world since of its clientele living there. This, combined with 300 days of sunshine each year, makes Monaco a truly relaxed paradise. So lean back, let your thoughts wander and let your escort lady spoil you. And pamper herself too. Because affection always has two sides, just like a medal. Although in Monaco this can be described as gold-plated.
Whatever you are planning to do in Monaco: We at Escort-Deluxe wish you a wonderful and also exquisite stay. And if you are still looking for the right escort model: please feel free to have a look around. Our escort ladies love to travel and are epicures on many levels – the ideal companions for a luxury trip to the Côte d’Azur.

03 — Escort Hotels & Restaurants

Top escort hotels & restaurants for your date in Monaco

Our escort models are always guests in various hotels all over Europe and worldwide. Based on their experience, we have put together three highlights from hotels and other date locations for you.

Top 3 Hotels

Top 3 Bars & Restaurants

Hôtel de Paris

Escort Hotel Review

What more can one say about this hotel? One of the Leading Hotels of the World and therefore an absolute luxury place to stay. The perfect accommodation if you want to be pampered with your escort lady – both in terms of accommodation and culinary delights.

Place du Casino | 98000 Monaco

Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

Escort Hotel Review

Centrally located in Monaco, you will experience a Belle Epoque style hotel in a class of its own. Formerly awarded the first place for the best hotel in France, it offers everything you need – including a fantastic wellness area and three restaurants. The ultimate retreat in the city centre of Monaco.

4 Avenue De La Madone | 98007 Monaco

Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

Escort Hotel Review

Lean back and relax in this historic monument. With a gigantic wellness area, a furious bar, exquisite cuisine and views to the harbour you have everything you need. And you are only 40 minutes away from the airport.

Square Beaumarchais | 98000 Monaco

Café e Paris

Location Review
Located at the Place du Casino, you will find yourself in the heart of the city – in a time-honoured mix of café and restaurant under Chef Franck Lafon. Enjoy the prepared delicacies and the flair of Monaco together with your escort lady.

Place du Casino | 98000 Monaco

Le Bar Américain

Location Review
Different moods for the different moods of the day – this is how the Bar Américain advertises. Including a cigar lounge, it offers relaxation from morning to night – with exquisite drinks, a serene atmosphere and a relaxed clientele. Also, ideal for an intimate conversation.

Place du Casino | 98000 Monaco

Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse im Hôtel de Paris

Location Review
Located in the Hôtel de Paris, you will experience an absolute top cuisine. In combination with the accompanying hotel, you and your escort lady could not be accommodated better. So enjoy the flair and Mediterranean cuisine of Monaco's most exquisite restaurant – Michelin stars included.

Place du Casino | 98000 Monaco

04 — Escort Magazine

Monaco-News from the magazine

In our escort magazine we regularly write about new escort models from our agency, events, escort service tipps or exciting ideas for your escort date. Here you will find the latest news from Monaco.

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