Our Booking Rates Explained

We divide our escort models into three different rates, which are chosen by various factors. Above all is the experience of the model in the escort sector. The final fee of a model is calculated from the agreed hourly fee, plus any travel expenses that may arise. All cost factors are described for you on this page. If you still have any questions about the calculation of the fees, please do not hesitate to contact us.
01 — Escort Rates

Booking Rates of our Escort Models




02 — Payment Information

Information on Payments & Refunds

Refund for short-term cancellations

If you have to cancel an already booked date, please inform us in good time. If you cancel your date less than 24 hours in advance, the escort model will receive compensation of 300 euros. If the model is already on the way to your date, compensation of 500 euros plus the travel expenses incurred will be due. We will transfer the remaining amount back to you. Optionally, the remaining amount can also be used for a subsequent booking.

Payment options

In order to be able to act as an intermediary in the best possible way and to secure your payment, we generally recommend a complete payment processing via the agency. We accept payments by bank transfer, Western Union, cash payments into our account or by credit card. But it is also possible to give the lady the requested fee in an open envelope at the beginning of the date.

Deposits prior to the date

For bookings outside the model’s hometown and for bookings from new customers, our escort models generally ask for a deposit of at least 40% of the booking rate, including any travel costs. These costs are to be paid to the agency in advance of the date. We will inform you about any of these costs and deposits on your booking request.

Traveling expenses

Depending on the distance to the hometown of the requested escort model, travel or travel costs are due. These costs may vary for longer stays or accompaniment abroad. For simple domestic trips, the travel costs have already been determined and will be published here shortly.

Give us a call

To book your date or if you have any questions about our service, you can call our staff directly. We are happy to answer all your questions about your booking, the models, the possibillities of a date or even about very special requests and wishes. Customers from Switzerland please use the Swiss telephone number.

0049 176 – 232 676 41 (DE) 0041 79 – 102 789 7 (CH)


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