01 — Agency News

News about our escort service

Here we will regulary inform you on news about our agency and our escort service, such as new or special offers, changes to our service and more.

02 — Escort Tips

Escort service tips and adviser

Here we report useful tips and recommendations for our escort service, such as exciting date ideas and locations. For more city and hotel information, see our City Guide.

03 — Location Tips & Travelling

Escort date-ideas, locations and travel tips

In this category of our magazine we provide you with exciting date ideas for your escort date, from a romantic mini trip to the Christmas market to an insider tip for a dreamy travel companion.

04 — Secret Diary

Insights into the life of an escort lady

This is a very special column, because it's not written by us, but by one of our eloquent escort ladies. Experience an exciting insight into the private life of ... Well, who could it be?


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Here you will find an overview of all post categories from our escort magazine. Are you looking for something specific? On the category pages you will find all magazine articles in the respective category.

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To book your date or if you have any questions about our service, you can call our staff directly. We are happy to answer all your questions about your booking, the models, the possibillities of a date or even about very special requests and wishes. Customers from Switzerland please use the Swiss telephone number.

0049 176 – 232 676 41 (DE) 0041 79 – 102 789 7 (CH)


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