Escort-Deluxe – The Best Privacy for Customers and Models

Lately you could hear it more often: Hackers are stealing sensitive data from erotic portals: bank details, addresses, names. And it is not only the data of employees they are stealing, but especially that of customers. Recently, one of the larger portals has become the victim of such an attack. The damage caused by this is immense, because after all, it is not only the reputation of the company that suffers, but also the trust of the customers – with all the consequences it entails.

At Escort-Deluxe we are aware of this problem. And we have undertaken precautions. As a successful escort service with many years of experience we know what discretion means for our models and our customers. That is why we are never afraid of undertaking costs when it comes to your data security. We want that you, as a model and as a customer, can devote yourself as carefree as possible to the sensual pleasures of our escort service.

Data-Leaking as a Means of Blackmailing – Not at Escort-Deluxe

Privacy holes at erotic portals are not uncommon. However, the reason is not always the outstanding quality of the hackers, but also quite often the less effective protection standards of the portals themselves. Especially in the sensitive area of erotic escort services, for example, data protection laws are often applied far too carelessly. But effective data protection is an absolute must, especially in this sector. Topicality and specialist knowledge are highly demanded, because after all, many customers and escort models want to remain unrecognized in public. Not because they are ashamed of what they do, but simply because they want their private lives to remain untouched. Unfortunately, exactly this desire for discretion is what makes sensitive data such as real names, addresses, bank details and booking data in the erotic sector such a desirable target for hackers and perfidious companies. After all, they are the basis for blackmailing.

But do not get nervous know. Since we want you to be sure that you have found the right partner in Escort-Deluxe, we have compiled a few facts for you. For a safe feeling of trust. And for a good and stable relationship.

Security Measures at Escort-Deluxe – Your Escort Agency

In general, it can be said that there are three different groups of perpetrators that are attacking erotic portals:

  • Professional hackers
  • Normal users who are trying to hack
  • Automated tools, so-called bots

The procedure of the attack is always the same: the hacker, the user or the bot scans the website for security gaps. This usually happens extremely fast and, above all, systematically. Once a security breach has been found, the captured information is uploaded onto an unknown server and spreaded throughout the web in just a few seconds. It is almost impossible to trace back the data’s way. In this respect, the Internet unfortunately is just as it is: lightning fast and merciless. But it is possible to avoid the security breaches in advance so that such a catastrophe cannot happen.

At Escort-Deluxe we do not only prevent hackers from getting data by regular back-ups and updating all our systems. We also use current security tools to secure the access to our systems. Among them are tools to prevent unauthorized and conspicuous access attempts and programs for continuous analysis and optimization of online infrastructure. We cannot and do not want to give you the exact names of these products here, because, profane as it sounds, that would already be a security gap.

In addition to effective software structures, all our website and e-mail traffic is SSL encrypted. Booking requests and applications via the website as well as direct communication via e-mail are therefore protected. Contact requests and details remain hidden from the curious eyes of third parties.

Data-Storage – a Question of Trust

You may probably know this from other websites: It is not only your name and your address that is stored on the foreign server, but every piece of information you gave to them. All this information is mostly always used for resale purposes. With Escort-Deluxe this is different. We only store user data for the intended purposes – for example to organize the booking or an application. During this period, all data is stored at award-winning providers with whom we have been working together for years. And if your data is no longer needed at some point, we delete it – without exception.

As a professional company, however, you cannot rely on technology alone. Human trust is and remains – also in order to be up to date – indispensable, especially in the field of erotic escorting. And we for our part have this confidence. Especially when it comes to our long-term business partners in the field of data protection and IT security – all of them professionals and masters of their class.

This professionalism and trust we want to give to you as well – as your favorite escort service. Therefore, only our agency management has access to booking requests and model files. All access rights are administratively separated and strictly monitored, so that internal fraud attempts, should they occur, are excluded as well. We are doing all this to give you as a customer or as a model a feeling of security. You can always be sure that you and your data are in good hands with Escort-Deluxe. So that you can fully enjoy the adventure of our escort service.