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  • Height 168 cm
  • Weight 54 kg
  • Measurements 87-61-90
  • Cup Size 75B (Natural)
  • Hair color Blonde
  • Schoe size 38
  • Drinks Wine, water, alcohol free drinks
  • Perfume
  • Music Charts, Pop
  • Smoking No
  • Tattoos No
  • Piercings No
  • Clothing In my clothing style, I combine effortless elegance with the comfort of daily casual style, with each piece in my wardrobe reflecting a fine balance between sophistication and nonchalance.
  • Cuisine My love for Italian cuisine reflects my admiration for its artful simplicity and deep-rooted tradition that makes every bite a feast for the senses.
  • Sport My love of endurance sports is like a long journey on the open road - full of energy, discoveries and the sweet freedom of constantly redefining my own limits.
  • Interests Sport and music are my sanctuaries, where sweat and melodies merge into a symphony that invigorates my soul and challenges my body.
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    2 hours 1000,00 EUR
    3 hours 1300,00 EUR
    4 hours 1500,00 EUR
    6 hours 1700,00 EUR
    8 hours 2000,00 EUR
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2300,00 EUR
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2600,00 EUR
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3000,00 EUR
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4400,00 EUR
    Every additional day on request
    2 hours 1080,00 CHF
    3 hours 1400,00 CHF
    4 hours 1620,00 CHF
    6 hours 1840,00 CHF
    8 hours 2160,00 CHF
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2480,00 CHF
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2810,00 CHF
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3240,00 CHF
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4750,00 CHF
    Every additional day on request 0,00 CHF
    2 hours 1120,00 USD
    3 hours 1460,00 USD
    4 hours 1680,00 USD
    6 hours 1900,00 USD
    8 hours 2240,00 USD
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2580,00 USD
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2910,00 USD
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3360,00 USD
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4930,00 USD
    Every additional day on request 0,00 USD

About Elaine

On a sunny afternoon in Frankfurt, I met Elaine in one of the city's trendiest cafés. The café, known for its unique atmosphere and excellent coffee, provided the perfect backdrop for our meeting. As soon as I laid eyes on Elaine, I was struck by her open and cheerful charisma, which enveloped her like a warm summer breeze. As we sat down at a table lit by the soft afternoon sun, Elaine immediately began to talk with a lightness and spontaneity that was immediately infectious. Her eyes lit up with enthusiasm as she recounted her recent adventures, from spontaneous city breaks to unexpected culinary discoveries in hidden corners of the city. It was as if her love of discovering new things built a bridge between us, characterized by curiosity and the joy of sharing.

Elaine spoke with such passion that I couldn't help but be swept away by her enthusiasm. Her stories were a vivid mosaic of experiences that made it clear how much she loved to dive into the unknown and enjoy life to the fullest. Her spontaneity was not just a quality, but a philosophy of life that led her to seize every opportunity and make the most of it. Elaine, with her carefree nature and insatiable curiosity, was truly an inspiration, a shining example of how beautiful it is to live life spontaneously and with open eyes.


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