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  • Height 173 cm
  • Weight 67 kg
  • Measurements 92-67-98
  • Cup Size 75C (Natural)
  • Hair color Brunette
  • Schoe size 39
  • Drinks Red wine
  • Perfume Sun - Jil Sander
  • Music Pop, Rock
  • Smoking No
  • Tattoos A small above the knee
  • Piercings Nipple left, septum nose (removable)
  • Clothing My wardrobe embodies the perfect fusion of fashion sense and timeless elegance. Each garment is carefully selected and reflects my passion for stylish and quality fashion.
  • Cuisine In Asian cuisine, I find particular pleasure in the versatile flavors and textures it has to offer. Vietnamese gastronomy fascinates me with its fresh ingredients and harmoniously balanced flavors that conjure up a symphony of sweetness, spiciness, acidity and umami on the tongue. Sushi, in its simple elegance and artisanal perfection, is for me a culinary art form in which rice, fish and side dishes combine pure pleasure and taste explosion in one bite.
  • Sport Surfing offers me the unique opportunity to embrace the power and beauty of the ocean while dancing on the waves. Yoga and capoeira complement my athletic repertoire by bringing both inner peace and balance as well as dynamic movement and cultural depth into my life.
  • Interests Fashion for me is not only an expression of external aesthetics, but a window to my soul that reflects my personality and moods. Reading allows me to immerse myself in countless worlds and constantly gain new knowledge and perspectives. Meditation serves as my anchor, helping me maintain inner balance and clarity amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sports, in its many forms, is my outlet for energy and passion, strengthening me both physically and mentally.
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    2 hours 800,00 EUR
    3 hours 1100,00 EUR
    4 hours 1300,00 EUR
    6 hours 1500,00 EUR
    8 hours 1800,00 EUR
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2100,00 EUR
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2400,00 EUR
    1 Day (up to 24h) 2800,00 EUR
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4200,00 EUR
    Every additional day on request
    2 hours 860,00 CHF
    3 hours 1190,00 CHF
    4 hours 1400,00 CHF
    6 hours 1620,00 CHF
    8 hours 1940,00 CHF
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2270,00 CHF
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2590,00 CHF
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3020,00 CHF
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4540,00 CHF
    Every additional day on request 0,00 CHF
    2 hours 900,00 USD
    3 hours 1230,00 USD
    4 hours 1460,00 USD
    6 hours 1680,00 USD
    8 hours 2020,00 USD
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2350,00 USD
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2690,00 USD
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3140,00 USD
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4700,00 USD
    Every additional day on request 0,00 USD
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About Malou

In the charming atmosphere of a trendy restaurant in Bremen, surrounded by soft piano sounds, I had the pleasure of meeting Malou. Even as she entered the room, she seemed to bring with her an air of faraway lands and adventures. With sparkling eyes, Malou told of her adventurous heart that drove her to travel the world for an entire year. Every place she had visited seemed to have left an imprint on her soul. Whether it was the dense jungles of South America, the sand dunes of the Sahara, or the bustling streets of Bangkok, she carried all of these experiences with an infectious enthusiasm. She talked about how sensually romantic she is. There was a hint of dreaminess in her stories, combined with a passion that few possess. But that passion was matched by an impressive confidence.

Malou knew exactly who she was and what she wanted. This combination of confidence and politeness made her a fascinating character, capable of shining in any situation. What struck me most about Malou was her enthusiasm for meeting new people. She spoke of meeting locals in remote villages, having in-depth conversations with other travelers, and hearing inspiring stories along her journey. It was clear that people and their stories were more to her than just fleeting encounters. They were the heartbeat of her adventures. As we said our goodbyes at the end of the evening, I was convinced of one thing: Malou was not your average person. She was a free spirit who roamed the world, an explorer drawn to the beauty of the unknown, and above all, a woman with a story worth telling.


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