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  • Height 180 cm
  • Weight 57 kg
  • Measurements 84-63-92
  • Cup Size 70A/B (Natural)
  • Hair color Brunette
  • Schoe size 40
  • Drinks Champagne, mineral water
  • Perfume Shantung - Etro
  • Music From Hip Hop to Jazz
  • Smoking No
  • Tattoos No
  • Piercings No
  • Clothing My wardrobe is a carefully curated collection that combines elegance and feminine flair in each piece. As a distinctly fashion-conscious person, I choose each garment not only for its aesthetic appeal, but also as an expression of my individual personality.
  • Cuisine The refined flavors of French cuisine, the savory tastes of Italy, and the minimalist elegance of Japanese gastronomy fascinate me deeply.
  • Sport In my spare time, I am passionate about HIIT training, an intense form of exercise that optimizes my endurance and strength. Jogging and Pilates perfectly complement my fitness by providing me with a balanced mix of cardio and muscle toning.
  • Interests My love of literature is not only an escape into other worlds, but also a constant expansion of my intellectual horizons. I value art and culinary arts as sensual experiences that stimulate my creativity and sharpen my taste for the finer things in life.
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    2 hours 1000,00 EUR
    3 hours 1300,00 EUR
    4 hours 1500,00 EUR
    6 hours 1700,00 EUR
    8 hours 2000,00 EUR
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2300,00 EUR
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2600,00 EUR
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3000,00 EUR
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4400,00 EUR
    Every additional day on request
    2 hours 1080,00 CHF
    3 hours 1400,00 CHF
    4 hours 1620,00 CHF
    6 hours 1840,00 CHF
    8 hours 2160,00 CHF
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2480,00 CHF
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2810,00 CHF
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3240,00 CHF
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4750,00 CHF
    Every additional day on request 0,00 CHF
    2 hours 1120,00 USD
    3 hours 1460,00 USD
    4 hours 1680,00 USD
    6 hours 1900,00 USD
    8 hours 2240,00 USD
    Overnight (up to 12h) 2580,00 USD
    Long overnight (up to 15h) 2910,00 USD
    1 Day (up to 24h) 3360,00 USD
    2 Days (up to 48h) 4930,00 USD
    Every additional day on request 0,00 USD
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About Olivia

In a small, charming café corner in Hamburg, I met Olivia. It was almost as if there was a touch of magic in the air when she entered the room. Olivia was just bubbling over with joie de vivre. For her, the little moments of being, the sweet temptations of life, are her lifeblood. That was immediately clear to me when I spoke with her. She carried her philosophy not only in her heart, but also in her demeanor; her etiquette was impeccable, her clothing a harmonious blend of elegance and style. Olivia has an incredible gift for savoring every moment, whether in the art of cooking or being cooked for. She cherished her quiet moments as much as her adventures. Although in everyday life she upholds the values of good parenting and style, I learn that behind closed doors she has a whole other side.

There her sensual, playful and hungry side comes out. Olivia lives her intimacy in a timeless, expectation-free, and passionate way that goes to the point of ecstasy. But it wasn't only the "sweet temptations" that Olivia appreciated; she also found peace and joy in walks, museum visits, and the world of literature. These seemingly contrasting sides of Olivia formed a holistic picture of a woman who found beauty in both ecstasy and the stillness of life. Our meeting was not just a simple conversation. It was a window into a soul who understands the art of enjoying life in all its facets. In every sentence, in every smile, in every look, I saw a woman who knows not only the temptations of life, but also the silence that embraces it. Olivia is more than just a face in the crowd; she is a reminder of how sweet life can be when you live it to the fullest.


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