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Escort models available in Capri

Here you can see a selection of our escort models from – or available in – Capri and around. For an overview of all escort models from our agency, go to Escort Models in the main menu.

02 — City Guide

Location tips for escort service in Capri

Fancy one of the most beautiful islands in Europe? Then let's go to Capri. Together with the escort lady of your choice and our location tips you will experience an unforgettable time. Read on and get to know more.

Visiting Capri with Your Escort Service – Some Local Information

Enjoying Capri with the escort service is something that has made many gentlemen become escort service customers for a lifetime. The small yacht bays, the romantic terraces of the Faraglioni, untouched beach landscapes: all this is so tempting, that you always want to come back. Especially, if you have experienced these magical spots with an attractive escort lady.

But Capri is not only a dreamlike retreat for having a wonderful time with an escort lady, it is also a beautiful piece of land in the Gulf of Naples. The 10.4 km² of the island are especially famous for its caves, such as the blue grotto, in which a unique blue light can be observed. Even the Roman emperor Tiberius, who had found his retirement home on Capri, bathed here. Albeit without the presence of attractive escort ladies.

Languages and Towns on Capri

Capri belongs to Naples, Italy, and is located only 5 kilometers off the mainland. Spoken language is Italian, but you can also have a pleasant time by using English.

Capri is divided into two towns:

  • Capri (located in the eastern part of the island)
  • Anacapri (located on the west of the island)

Both places have their very own charm, so it is worth it to visit both. Since Capri and Anacapri are only 3 kilometers apart this should not be any problem. Anacapri, however, is located at a higher level, which is the reason why it is considered being less accessible. Moreover, it is also not connected to either of the two harbors. But being on Capri with an escort lady means that you are not in a hurry. So keep calm and relax. Just enjoy your stay and discover the little island at your own pace – with that stunning escort model by your side.

Escort Service Capri – Hot Spots Full of Pleasure and Relaxation

Being on Capri with the escort service means enjoyment and relaxation. Even Charles Dickens, the author of the world-famous Christmas Carol who had frequently visited the island, is known to have said that there is no other place in the world where one can rest as beautifully as on Capri. And do not forget: Charles Dickens spent his time there without an escort lady from Escort-Deluxe.

Imagine the small romantic and carved-in-rock terraces, the alleys with their inviting boutiques and the Mediterranean sun in attractive company of an escort lady chosen by you: Even famous authors and writers will be jealous.

Discover now our sights to make your escort service experience in Capri an all-round adventure – full of relaxation and enjoyment.

1. Piazza Umberto

The first sight for your Capri adventure with the escort service is the Piazza Umberto – a real hot spot, since it is definitely less cozy there. However, a trip to Capri will never be the same without having been at the Piazza Umberto.

On the small square in the historic center of Capri (Capri Town) seeing and being seen means a lot. Even celebrities spend their time there while being on their Capri holiday. But even if you are not known from tabloids or television you are welcome to join the illustrious crowd and enjoy a delicious limoncello. But beware: strolling across Capri’s Piazza Umberto with an attractive escort lady might lead to envious glances by other guests. So better take her by the hand.

2. Marina Grande

At the foot of Monte Solaro, you will find Marina Grande, Capri’s main port, at which you probably have arrived by ferry. The entrance gate to the wonderful island of Capri offers many small shops and bars that want to be discovered by you and your terrific escort lady. In addition, it is the perfect destination for observing the hustle and bustle at the harbor during a drink – including marveling at some of the precious yachts.

The Marina Grande is also connected to the Piazza Umberto via the Funicolare. Thanks to this funicular, you and your escort model can easily combine the harbor with visiting Piazza Umberto without having aching feet.

3. Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola is a small bathing bay on the south side of Capri (Capri Town). It is a recommended hot spot if you want to have a look at the Faraglioni rocks or if you want to have a small lunch in one of the adjacent restaurants.

If, on the other hand, you and your escort lady want to use Capri’s famous bay for swimming, do not forget your beach or bathing shoes. The beach is made of gravel.

Quick tip: If you want to go swimming, we recommend the bay Spaggia Cala Ventroso, which is only accessible by boat. It is located between Marina Piccola and the adjacent lighthouse and is the perfect place for a little intimate refreshment.

4. Blue Grotto

It was already mentioned at the beginning: the Blue Grotto, a rock cave with a legendary blue shining light. Used by the emperor Tiberius as an imperial bathing spot centuries ago, it has transformed into a sight for tourists from all around the world. As a result, it is no longer as quiet and contemplative as it was back then, but it is still one of Capri’s sights you should not omit when being on Capri with an escort lady. And who knows: maybe you two will even like it this much that there will be one of these special intimate moments that always happen when two people are on an escort date in Capri

Escort Service Capri – What You Should Have Done on the Island

In order to enjoy Capri’s flair the most intensive way, we have put together some exclusive to do’s for you. These will partly take you to further sights and hot spots, so that you and your escort lady will share many experiences when having arrived at the end of the list.

Some things you must have done in Capri:

1. Dining Romantically at the Arco Naturale

Life and culture are pulsating at the Piazza Umberto. But there is a place not far away where you can experience Capri with your escort lady a little more undisturbed. For doing this, you just have to leave the Piazza and head across the Via Matermania to the Le Grotelle. This little restaurant is a precious rendezvous idyll that offers you and your escort lady an excellent menu. And on top of that: you both get a brilliant view that even includes the Arco Naturale, a naturally grown rock arch.

2. Make Your Escort Lady a Present – by Carthusia

Nothing is more beguiling than an attractive scent. Hence, it is good that you are on Capri with the escort service because you are in exactly the right place for making your escort lady a delicately scented, enchanting present: A perfume by Carthusia. The Carthusia perfumery is located on the island, and it creates wonderful fragrances out of Capri’s blossoms. This really is a present of the highest quality – for a person with whom you shared a lot of special intimate moments.

3. Meeting the Faraglioni

Stella, Scopolo, Monacone and Faraglione di Mezzo – these are the Faraglioni. Four large rocks jutting out of the sea at the coast of Capri that are just waiting to be explored by you and your escort lady. The most perfect thing about them: the small restaurants that have been carved into their stones. Hence, you can enjoy Capri’s delicacies with your escort lady while marveling at the island’s wonderful beauty and while relaxing in intimate solitude. And if you want to cool off beforehand: Simply take a little bath in the crystal blue sea.

4. Getting On Top of Monte Solaro

The Monte Solaro with its 589 meters is the highest point on the island of Capri. Hence, just the view is reason enough for visiting it with your escort lady. The summit can be reached quite well by foot. It might be a little strenuous, but therefore you are also exploring Capri’s surroundings. And once you have reached the top of Monte Solaro, a small restaurant awaits you.

If you decide against that little hike for two, you can also take the chairlift. But beware: you will have to do it without the possibility of getting closer to your escort lady because the chairlift’s seats only have room for one passenger at a time.

03 — Escort Hotels & Restaurants

Top escort hotels & restaurants for your date in Capri

Our escort models are always guests in various hotels all over Europe and worldwide. Based on their experience, we have put together three highlights from hotels and other date locations for you.

Top 3 Hotels

Top 3 Bars & Restaurants

Capri Palace

Escort Hotel Review

As one of the Leading Hotels of the World, this architectural idyll offers 68 fantastic suites with unique views over the Gulf of Naples. Two exquisite restaurants, one of which has been awarded two Michelin stars, round off the relaxing establishment in culinary terms – for an escort date on Capri that will satisfy all your senses.

Via Capodimonte, 14 | 1 80071 Anacapri (NA) | Italien

Punta Tragara

Escort Hotel Review

A 5-star hotel in the style of a luxurious villa with a view to the Faraglioni – that is the Punta Tragara. Here you and your escort lady will be provided with everything you need: Restaurants, a bar, wellness-services, and an exquisite location.

Via Tragara, 57 | 80073 Capri (NA) | Italien

Capri Tiberio Palace

Escort Hotel Review

Named after the Roman emperor Tiberius, you and your escort lady will rest imperially in this beautiful hotel. From Mediterranean to kosher cuisine it also offers the perfect kitchen while its central location easily allows cozy explorations of Capri’s nightlife.

Via Croce 11 – 15 | 80073 Capri (NA) | Italien

Le Grotelle

Location Review
Am Arco Naturale gelegen, erhalten Sie und Ihre Escort-Dame hier einen fulminanten Ausblick – erstklassiges Essen inklusive. Der abendliche Spaziergang dorthin bringt Sie zudem in die richtige Stimmung für ein romantisches Dinner.

Via Arco Naturale 3 | 80073 Capri (NA) | Italien

Da Tonino

Location Review
Ein kleines Restaurant, das die Gäste seit 1993 in die Gegend Piano dello Noci lockt – mit exquisiten mediterranen Köstlichkeiten und einer gigantischen Auswahl an deliziösen Weinen. Perfekt für ein intimes Date unter vier Augen.

Via Dentecala 14 | 80073 Capri (NA) | Italien


Location Review
Der mediterrane Zauber des Mammà umfängt Sie bereits beim Betreten des Restaurants – und lässt Sie bis nach dem Dessert nicht mehr los. Der perfekte Ort für ein Escort-Date mit Michelin-Stern-Küche.

Via Madre Serafina 6 | 80073 Capri (NA) | Italien

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Capri-News from the magazine

In our escort magazine we regularly write about new escort models from our agency, events, escort service tipps or exciting ideas for your escort date. Here you will find the latest news from Capri.

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